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NONPO Rejections

If rejected, it means you forgot to enter an Org# for routing, needed whenever you create a NONPO where any line is using a project or any debit memo.

A workflow issue with NONPO invoices and debit memos has recently been fixed, but it might have left you wondering why you are receiving “Rejected” emails from the Workflow System. When your invoice is rejected by the Workflow system, it means you forgot to enter an Org# 
for routing. Org values are needed whenever:

  • You create a debit memo, regardless of using a SOAPF or project
  • You create a NONPO invoice where any line is using a project

If you receive that rejection email or notice your Approval History looks like the one below, that means you need to edit the invoice to add the Org# in the appropriate location then resubmit the invoice for approval. 

Need more information? Check out this debit memo tutorial or this NONPO tutorial for a General Working Fund Request to see where to enter the Project Owning Org.

Screenshot of Approval and Notification History showing workflow Type, Action date and Approver