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Zoom is a cloud-based collaboration tool that allows for video/audio conferencing from anywhere from any device. Zoom is another tool available to UMB users to support telework and tele-education.

UMB will be forcing SSO (Single Sign-On) for all emails ending in umaryland.edu. Effective immediately, all Zoom accounts using emails ending in umaryland.edu (i.e., Jdoe@umaryland.edu) will be redirected to UMB’s Zoom account.

What does this mean? 

This means all Zoom accounts using @umaryland.edu emails will be redirected to UMB’s Zoom account.

  1. No action is required if your Zoom account email is the primary email address in UMB’s Directory. You will be automatically redirected to UMB’s vanity URL (https://umaryland.zoom.us) and will be able to log in successfully.
  2. If your UMB email address was set up for Zoom prior to 4/1/2020, you may be on a non-UMB Zoom account. If this is the case, you’ll be required to make a decision.  Here are your options: 1) You may change your email address on your “personal” Zoom account to use a non-UMB email address (such as @yahoo or @gmail), or 2) You may request to move your Zoom account over to UMB’s Zoom account (account #53487283). This is the only option available if you would like to continue using your UMB email address with Zoom.
    1. If you decide to move your Zoom account over to UMB’s Zoom account, you’ll need to contact your respective Helpdesk to receive an invitation to UMB’s Zoom account. While going through the options, please select the option to return refunds to you. This will send any remaining unused balance back to your credit card on file with Zoom.  
      Important note: If you have existing Zoom add-ons (in your personal Zoom account) such as Webinars or additional storage, these add-ons must be purchased by your department “before” your account is moved over to Zoom.

Get Started Using Zoom

How to Access Zoom

If you have an existing Zoom account, it will automatically be migrated to the UMB-sponsored account the first time you log in using your UMID and password. 

How to Use Zoom

UMB-Approved Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

Understanding the Difference Between a Zoom Meeting and a Zoom Webinar

Requesting a Zoom Add-On (Webinar License, Large Meeting, Room Connectors, Concurrent Meeting Plus, etc.)

Zoom Webinars and Large Meetings (you need more than 300 participants to join a meeting) require an additional fee/purchase. They are not included with your Zoom license.

  • To view the process, please visit the Requesting a Zoom Add-On webpage.
  • Zoom allows two meetings to be held at once  If you need to schedule more than two meetings at once, you’ll need to purchase a license. A Concurrent Meeting Plus license is $285.60 per person/per year. Please visit the Requesting a Zoom Add-On webpage.

Additional Resources

UMB Support

If you have questions or issues with using Zoom, please contact the IT Help Desk at 410-706-4357 (HELP) or send an email to help@umaryland.edu.