Zoom FAQs

How do I obtain a UMB Zoom License?

  • Login to https://umaryland.zoom.us using your UMBID and password.  You’ll either get a basic or pro license.   Please note:  Faculty, Staff, Students, and FPI Employees will receive a Pro License.  Affiliates will automatically receive a Basic license.

After logging into Zoom, I get a Basic license. How do I get a licensed account?

  • Email the Helpdesk (Help@umaryland.edu) stating why you are requesting an upgrade.  If it was assigned in error, the issue will be quickly resolved.   If you are an affiliate and further clarification is needed, you will be contacted.

What is the difference between the Zoom license types?

  • Both basic and pro licenses can have up to 300 participants.  However, a basic license allows a meeting to last 40 minutes and a pro license has unlimited minutes per meeting.

Why should I transfer my personal (paid) Zoom account over to UMB’s Account?

  • Transferring your account over to UMB account will give you the following:
    • a refund on your existing account
    • in most cases, you’ll receive a Licensed (or Pro) license by joining, if you previously held a Basic (free, 40-minute limit) Zoom license.
    • a larger Enterprise account where you will experience cheaper pricings for add-ons (i.e. Webinars or Large Meetings).
    • Cloud Recordings will transfer over.
  • Services not included with UMB’s Zoom Account
    • No Webinar or Large Meeting (500 or 1,000 participants)
      • You must pay for these services separately with your own account or credit card.
      • A price sheet can be found here.

I am the owner of my Zoom Pro-licensed account and I have one or several members. How do I migrate my account over to UMB?

  • Email Help@umaryland.edu with the following information:
    • Your name and the *umaryland.edu email address for your Zoom account.
    • Under Profile, please send your existing Zoom Account #.
    • List the names and emails of everyone on your Zoom account.

I have a meeting with 400 participants, what do I do if my Zoom license only allows 300?

  • Using Zoom, your department must purchase a 500-participant license (see Zoom Add-On pricing).
  • Using Webex, all Webex meetings allow up to 1,000 participants without additional costs.  You may opt to use Webex Meetings or Webex Events (similar to Zoom Webinar) for this 1 meeting.

How to add Zoom Icons in MS Outlook Toolbar.

  1. Go to https://Zoom.us/downloads
    Note:  Administrator Access on your PC is required.
    1. If you have a UMB managed device, please contact your respective Desktop Support Team. 
    2. You should have Admin rights on your PC (personal computer) and should be okay to install.
  2. Under the section for “Zoom Plugin for Microsoft Outlook”
    1. Click Download
  3. Open Outlook and the Zoom icons will appear.
    Note:  You may need to close and reopen MS Outlook if you installed the download while the application was open.

I currently have Cloud Recordings in my paid Zoom Pro Licensed account, what will happen to my recordings when I migrate over to UMB’s account?

  • Your Cloud Recordings will migrate to UMB’s Account.
  • UMB’s Zoom account will allow Cloud Recordings.

When should I use Zoom vs. Webex?

  • Webex is still the primary collaboration tool, it’s personal preference if you want to use Webex or Zoom. Adding Zoom to UMB’s toolbox gives students, staff and faculty options to offer remote education, telework and telehealth needs at UMB.  Here’s a brief comparison:




Cloud Recordings



Maximum # of Participants

300 included

 (see Zoom Add-On pricing sheet)

1,000 included


Additional fee for 100, 500 or 1,000 participants. (see Zoom Add-On pricing sheet)

Included with Webex Events (up to 1,000 participants)

Quick Glance:  Benefits

Picture quality of Meetings, Grid view of participants, and easy to schedule a meeting.

Cloud Recordings, unlimited storage, grid view capable, and includes Webex Teams (with telephone integration) and Webex Events (= Zoom Webinar).

Differences between Webex Events and Zoom Webinar


Webex Events (included as part of the license)

Zoom Webinar (Needs an additional paid license)




# of participants allowed per Meeting


Participant options:  100, 500, or 1,000 ($350 - $2,955)

# of panelists permitted



Chat and Q&A Available



Cloud Recording

Yes (Unlimited Storage)

Yes (.5 Gb per person)




Embed password in meeting link for one-click join



Join before Start Time

Configured per Event


Live Broadcasting (FB, YouTube, etc.)

  • Must be enabled for meeting host.
  • Must be enabled for meeting host.

Mute participants upon entry

Configured per Event

Configured per Event

Participants video

Attendees - No  Panelists - optional

Attendees - No  Panelists - optional

Virtual background



Private Preparation Room (for Panelists and Presenters)