Campus Telephone Service

CITS Networking & Communications is responsible for implementing and supporting all technologies for voice services. 

Voice services extend beyond supporting an enterprise telephone system by maintaining contracts, replacing hardware, implementing software and deploying feature upgrades.   A general overview of services include: Voicemail, Unified Messaging, Call Accounting Software, Unified/Hybrid/Softphones and Emergency Responder.   This extends to telephony circuit management including dial tone to Desk and Emergency telephones servicing the UMB campus.   This department also spearheads all efforts for Cisco Webex that require VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) integrations.

Softphone functionality:  Use your desktop computer via Webex as a telephone.  Use Unified Calling (formerly Hybrid Calling) daily to answer and receive calls on your PC. 


Is your line supported by this department?

In an effort to serve you efficiently, we want to confirm you have reached the appropriate department.  This department supports all 410-706-XXXX numbers and only numbers on this list.   If your desk telephone number is NOT listed, please contact your supervisor to identify the appropriate department to contact.  We only service numbers on this list and 706 numbers. 

If your number is found above, you have reached the proper department and please proceed with contacting us.

Telephone Services (How to log a Service Request) 

If you are a staff, faculty or student and need assistance with a desk phone assigned to you or your department/school.

  • Please note: you must have a valid UMBID and Password to submit a request
    • To Submit a Request click here
    • Authenticate with your UMBID, Password and Duo Authentication – by providing your credentials, the system will automatically pre-fill in your phone number, department and email address.
    • How to log a request?   
      • Click on General Request for the following Services:
        • Requesting a new telephone or line
        • Caller ID Updates
        • Trouble with phone services or physical phone
        • Report problems with Emergency Phones on campus
        • General Inquiries/questions
      • Click on Voicemail Request for the following Services:
        • Reset Mailbox
        • Forgot Password
        • Request Unified Messaging (Receive voicemails in Email/.wav file)
    • Here's an alternative method to contact us!  Feel free to email:
      • This method will also create a Helpdesk ticket on your behalf.

Services We Support 

Services We Coordinate 

  • Network cabling (fiber and networking) – excluding Audio Video (A/V) cabling
    • This includes installation of new voice and data jacks/outlets
  • School Support (UMB Standardization)
    • Provides network equipment standardized quotes and contact information for installation
  • UMB data and voice circuits (installations and disconnects)

Projects (any series of tasks that require more than 4 hours to complete) 

New buildings, renovations, moves or major upgrades.

Please contact LaVern Phillips, Director of Network and Communications Services @ or 410-706-8386 to schedule an appointment.

Contact Us 

General questions: 410-706-4333 (Please allow 24-36 hours for a return call) or email to log a Helpdesk ticket.