Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

2. How long does it take my request to CASS to be completed? 

Most requests are completed within 24 hours, unless additional information is requested. If CASS needs additional information, you may receive an email and/or phone call from the CASS staff member that is assigned to your request.
Also, once the request has been completed, you will receive an email stating that your request is “closed-resolved”. 

3. Can CASS help me get access to Quantum? 


Submit a request to CASS by using the CASS website or call 410-706-7717

HR and Payroll FAQs

1. Who should I contact to create or refill a position? 

The Departmental/Central Administration Support Services/Human Resource Services Transactional Business Process


To simplify and streamline the delivery of Human Resource Services-related services and questions to campus customers supported by Central Administration Support Services, CASS will be the initial point of contact for these departments.  CASS will coordinate with Human Resource Services the resources required to move these processes forward as efficiently and effectively as possible. An initial point of contact for these processes will reduce the level of confusion that currently exists as to who a department should contact for specific services that are required. Please use the following process from this point forward:


1. Department contacts CASS through either the CASS web form, phone call, email, or in person with the request for a Human Resource Services-related action such as a recruitment, compensation review, benefits, labor relation issue, general HRS-related question, etc. 

2. CASS contacts the department within 24 hours to get the specifics of the request. 

3. CASS contacts campus Human Resource Services with the information required for the requested action. If necessary, CASS enters this information in the applicable workflow system and/or completes and forwards the required forms to campus Human Resource Services. If additional information is required from the departmental hiring manager because of a significant change in the job duties, HRS may work either in collaboration with CASS or directly with the hiring manager to get the required information.  

4. Once all required information has been obtained, campus Human Resource Services completes the requested action and contacts CASS with the outcome.

5. Once CASS is notified about the outcome of the action, CASS contacts the department and works with it to complete the remaining steps in the process. 

6. CASS enters any required transactional information in the appropriate workflow system, i.e., Taleo and eUmb 

7. Once the process is complete, CASS will coordinate activities such as scheduling onboarding, obtaining an ID badge and building access, parking, computer access, telephone access, and any other services that may be required. 


Note: Our campus partners or a member of the CASS staff may recommend that any of these steps be done in conjunction with the Human Resource Services staff. 

5. How do I retrieve my paystubs or W2 statement? 

For new and active employees, log on to the UMB portal page and go to “My UMB Employee Self Service” and select CPB Payroll Online Service Center at the bottom of the page. New employees, select sign up — you will need to know your check advice number from your “live” paper paycheck and UMB agency code 360221.
If you have been locked out of CPB after four failed log-on attempts, please contact CPB at 410-260-7401 to reactivate your account or send an email to for assistance.
For employees no longer employed at UMB, please contact CPB.

Financial and Purchasing FAQs