The following framework has been developed by the 2022-2026 Strategic Plan Steering Committee at the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) made up of representatives from across campus and headed by co-chairs Judy L. Postmus, PhD, ACSW, and Roger Ward, EdD, JD, MPA.

UMB’s individual schools and units will make the strategic plan “come alive” by developing measurable goals that align with the strategic objectives and put UMB on a trajectory to realize the strategic outcomes in the plan.

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Theme 1: Accountability and Integration of Core Values 

Strategic Objective

UMB will systematically integrate the core values into the organizational culture through education and demonstrated behaviors so that internal and external stakeholders clearly understand who we are as an organization and what we stand for.

Davidge Hall

Strategic Outcomes
  1. UMB leadership demonstrate their commitment to the core values and expect fellow leadership, faculty, staff, and students to hold the University’s senior leaders accountable to those core values.
  2. UMB has a clearly articulated group of behavioral expectations related to each core value set to which faculty, staff, students, and University leaders are held accountable.
  3. UMB operationalizes the core values in each school and administrative unit through activities including talent management, employee development and empowerment, and enhancements to student learning and experiences.
  4. UMB uses reliable quantitative and qualitative data to provide transparent metrics to demonstrate and document the University community’s ongoing efforts at aligning behavior with the expectations inherent in our core values.

Theme 2: Student Growth and Success 

Strategic Objective

UMB will design and implement collaborative, inclusive, respectful, and accessible academic learning environments that equitably support and develop students to become exemplary professionals and purposeful contributors to society.

Students at Commencement

Strategic Outcomes
  1. UMB provides academic programs, offerings, and services that are accessible to students of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, income levels, and social identities.
  2. UMB develops and implements anti-racist and anti-oppressive policies, practices, and programming that promote student well-being, belonging, and success.
  3. UMB enhances student learning and innovation through creative and effective teaching methods developed through collaborative and agile faculty development initiatives.
  4. UMB engages students and fosters their passions and skills to prepare them for meaningful self-reflection and ethical careers in alignment with the University’s core values.
  5. UMB engages a diverse alumni community that supports and creates sustainable connections for student mentoring, networking, and scholarships.

Theme 3: University Culture, Engagement, and Belonging 

Strategic Objective

UMB will create a sustainable, equitable, and inclusive culture of care that collaboratively engages and embraces all members of the University community, and the broader community, with respect and in a manner that fosters belonging, understanding, trust, and equity.

Three staff members socializing together

Strategic Outcomes
  1. UMB is inclusive and actively seeks input from stakeholders at all levels and of all backgrounds when identifying opportunities, planning and setting goals, and making decisions.
  2. UMB actively recruits, retains, supports, and advances diverse students, faculty, and staff, demonstrating a commitment to our core value set of Equity and Justice.
  3. UMB provides professional and educational programs and initiatives that build capacity, equity, and respect, and support the well-being, sense of belonging, and success of all members of the University community.
  4. UMB communicates in a manner that is empowering, inclusive, and demonstrates cultural humility.

Theme 4: Innovation and Reimagination 

Strategic Objective

UMB will foster an agile, creative, and risk-tolerant learning environment, boldly capitalizing on new opportunities, technologies, and the power of collaboration to discover meaningful solutions to the complex problems impacting UMB, its schools, its strategic partners, and communities.

A student performing research in a medical lab

Strategic Outcomes
  1. UMB nurtures an environment of research and discovery that probes and answers challenging questions, openly shares knowledge, and improves the human condition.
  2. UMB promotes the use of applicable new technologies and data-driven analytics, promoting student success, groundbreaking discoveries, employee productivity, and administrative effectiveness.
  3. UMB embraces a broad and collaborative culture encouraging the free exchange of ideas, acknowledging the importance of risk-taking for bold gains and learning from failures and successes.
  4. UMB fosters excellence in teaching and learning by adopting best-in-class design and pedagogical practices to prepare students for promising, rewarding, and impactful careers.

Theme 5: Community Partnership and Collaboration 

Strategic Objective

UMB will formalize and embrace a Universitywide approach to community engagement and scholarship that fosters inclusive and equitable partnerships with our neighbors.

UMB staff members volunteering in the local community

Strategic Outcomes
  1. UMB becomes a trusted partner and resource as we learn from the history of our own institution and further build relationships with our neighbors in West Baltimore and across Maryland.
  2. UMB honors, acknowledges, and values community sovereignty and the wisdom of our neighbors and actively integrates the knowledge, experience, and expertise of community members to measure and document the impact of UMB’s health, legal, social, and economic development programs.
  3. UMB values and rewards teaching, research, and service that is grounded in community engagement as well as holds faculty, staff, and University leaders accountable for ethical and mutually beneficial community engagement practices.
  4. UMB develops, establishes, and maintains strategic partnerships among our seven schools, other University System of Maryland institutions, and the University of Maryland Medical System to resource, coordinate, and support community initiatives that can become a local, regional, and national model for others to replicate.

Theme 6: Global Engagement and Education 

Strategic Objective

UMB will enhance its impact and reputation as a globally engaged institution committed to improving the human condition through engagement, education, and research.

An illustration of the globe

Strategic Outcomes
  1. UMB is committed to and promotes interdisciplinary, innovative, equitable, and sustainable solutions to domestic and global challenges.
  2. UMB provides students the opportunity and institutional support to engage in global learning.
  3. UMB expands University programs that value, support, and celebrate the richness and expertise of international students, scholars, faculty, and staff.
  4. UMB provides enhanced operational support and a knowledge platform with which the schools and functional units align their programs and processes to develop global collaborations, track global activities, and share successes.