What We Do

Conduct One-on-One Consultations

The Writing Center employs Professional Writing Consultants as well as Graduate Peer Writing Consultants to meet individually with students to address their writing concerns and needs. Students can schedule a 50-minute appointment to meet with one of our consultants either in-person or online. Our consultants are trained and equipped to provide feedback on any piece of writing at any stage of the writing process.

Provide Resources

The Writing Center offers a variety of online and print resources for writers. These resources include books and handouts on an array of subjects such as argumentation, citations, grammar, research, and the writing process. Students are encouraged to utilize these resources to further their growth as writers.

Host Workshops and Events

The Writing Center has produced a series of online workshops to help students build fundamental writing skills. Workshop topics include key concepts such as brainstorming, revising and editing, and APA style. Each workshop features pre- and post-tests so that students can assess their learning. Since these workshops are hosted on our website, they can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

In addition to online workshops, the Writing Center hosts Dissertation Boot Camp. This face-to-face program is offered at the beginning of each semester and includes three days of workshops and writing time so that students can make real progress on their drafts.