Things to Keep in Mind

Learning to Write Well Takes Time

A writing consultation is one part of an ongoing process that ultimately rests in students’ hands. Since we may not be able to cover every issue in one session, we work with students to prioritize their concerns. Additionally, we teach self-editing strategies so that students will be equipped to continue improving their writing after they meet with us.

Students Get Out What They Put In

We’re happy to be here as a reference or guide, but ultimately the real work is done by the students. The key is in what happens after the consultation. Have the students made an effort to use the self-editing strategies we recommended? Are they taking the time to do a final proofreading before submission? Are they using the handouts we gave them or participating in our online workshops?

We’re Only Qualified to Help with Writing

We can figure out solutions to most issues — even some that are content-oriented — based upon how the material is arranged. However, occasionally we encounter problems within the text we can’t solve due to a lack of specialty knowledge. Ultimately, students are responsible for knowing their subject matter and conveying it accurately.