ECOmmuters Series

2022 ECOmmuters Series

In the wake of high gas prices during the summer of 2022, we are featuring UMB staff, faculty, and students who commute to and from campus using sustainable methods in place of driving in a single-occupancy, gas-powered vehicle. If you’ve never thought of taking the MTA, carpooling with a colleague to get to campus, or cycling, now is a great time to consider these and other sustainable commuting methods!

two Pharmacy employees carpooling

Carpoolers Rebecca Ceraul and Lisa Lebovitz

The School of Pharmacy employees carpool, saving money and carbon emissions while giving them an opportunity to get to know each other better.


staff member riding his bike

Cyclist Andrew Lentini

The Center for Vaccine Development and Global Health employee gets to the UMB campus faster on his bicycle than in a car.


woman standing

Metro SubwayLink Rider Lorrie Voytek

School of Nursing employee says taking the Metro from Owings Mills is a "lifestyle" for her.


staff member and bike

Cyclist Laura Cathcart

Office of Emergency Management staff member rides her bike to work but also has plenty of backup plans.


Rainer Butler in laboratory

UMB shuttle Rider Rainer Butler

The Graduate Student Association president chose her apartment location based on its proximity to the UMB shuttle.


Jeremy Ardanuy running through Baltimore City

Run Commuter Jeremy Ardanuy

This COVID-19 researcher gets in a workout by running to campus when he can.