Current Projects

Self-Service Waste Rollout

UMB is rolling out a self-service waste model in buildings across campus. Custodial technicians from Environmental Services (EVS) will collect trash, cardboard & paper recycling, and mixed plastics, metals, & glass recycling from conveniently located common receptacles. Offices will operate under a self-service waste removal model. Faculty and staff will be responsible for bringing their office waste to the larger, conveniently located common receptacles.


Research shows that centralized waste stations decreases waste stream contamination (i.e., placing the wrong material into the wrong bin) by encouraging people to use clearly labeled, centralized bins in lieu of individual desk-side bins. This system encourages practices that can lead to healthier workplaces and generate waste materials that can be recycled and reprocessed rather than incinerated. See this study from Media Lab that reduced contamination by using centralized waste stations.

All material disposed of as trash at UMB is sent to the incinerator, which amounts to 3 million pounds per year. By sorting our waste properly we have the opportunity to ensure more is recycled and diverted from the incinerator, effectively decreasing the pollutants released into the air from the incinerator. These pollutants have a direct impact on Baltimore City residents and can cause higher incidences of cancer, respiratory symptoms and congenital abnormalities.

UMB is also committed to meeting the State of Maryland's recycling requirement for state agencies to recycle at least 30% of our waste. In 2021, UMB achieved a 19% recycling rate. 

Visit the EVS website for additional information.


Environmental Services (EVS)


As of January 24, 2024:

  • The following buildings have had triple and double bin stations deployed and have converted to the self-service waste model:
    • School of Nursing
    • School of Law
    • Health Sciences and Human Services Library
    • Community Engagement Center
    • EHS
    • Saratoga
    • Pearl Street Garage Offices
    • 300 Russell St
    • Maryland Bar Center
    • Grand Garage Offices
    • Pine Street Station
    • Pine Street Annex
    • Pharmacy Learning Center
    • School of Social Work
    • Pharmacy Hall
    • Lexington
    • School of Dentistry
    • COPS
    • Campus Center
    • 108 N. Greene St
    • 100 N. Greene St
    • Dental Museum
    • Davidge Hall
    • Gray Lab
    • East Hall
    • HSFII
    • GRB
    • 737 W Lombard
    • HSFI
    • IHV
    • HSFIII
    • Allied Health
    • BRB
    • MSTF
    • Penn Clinics
    • Howard Hall
  • Liner standards for campus have been finalized and rolled out.
  • Campus-wide waste signage has been finalized and rolled out.
Alignment with Strategic Plan:

Waste and Procurement: Reduce overall waste disposal at UMB by 10 percent by 2025. Increase UMB’s recycling rate to 35 percent by 2025.