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Saratoga Building Energy Reduction Pilot

Building occupancy and use has transformed across campus since the pandemic started. UMB is piloting an energy savings project within the Saratoga Building Offices (Floors 1, 12, 13, and 14) that capitalizes on current building use. Self-reported survey and card access data identified Fridays as a low occupancy day within Saratoga. To capitalize upon this occupancy trend, we are piloting heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) setbacks on Fridays starting on Friday, August 26, 2022.

We encourage all building occupants to telework on Fridays during the pilot. The building is expected to be warmer than normal during hotter days, and colder than normal during cooler days. 

During this pilot, UMB will monitor the energy savings each week. Humidity is regularly monitored on all office floors of the building. The monitoring will continue during the pilot program to ensure proper humidity levels.


To capture energy savings and the associated greenhouse gas emissions during low occupancy times within Saratoga office spaces. This program aligns with the State of Maryland's commitment to the U.S. Department of Energy's Better Buildings Challenge, committing to a 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in 10 years.


Operations and Maintenance


As of April 14, 2024:



Period Percent Change Compared to Same Period, Previous Year
September 2022 - June 2023 -7.91%
July 2023 - April 2024 -5.15%


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this affect parking in Saratoga Garage?

A: No, parking in Saratoga Garage is unaffected by the pilot program. Check out the Parking and Transportation website for the most up-to-date Saratoga Garage parking hours.

Q: Will the building still have power?

A: Yes, the building will still have electricity, running water, and emergency life safety systems. These systems will not be adjusted or turned off as part of the pilot program, only the HVAC for the building will be affected.

Q: What about the Maryland Poison Center and other areas of the Saratoga Building that have supplemental cooling systems?

A: The Maryland Poison Center and other IT areas of the building have smaller supplemental cooling systems that will not be turned off during the pilot program. These areas will be unaffected by the pilot program on Fridays.

Q:  What if I need to retrieve something from my office on a Friday, can I still enter the building?

A: Yes, the building is still safe to enter on Fridays during the pilot program. You may notice the air temperature difference. We recommend dressing for comfort if you need to enter the building on a Friday. 

Q: How does this help UMB and the surrounding community?

A: UMB is committed to innovation and discovery. By identifying new patterns in how we work, we are testing how to adjust our operations to capitalize on those patterns. Each building HVAC system uses a lot of electricity to heat and cool buildings each day. By turning off the HVAC system to save energy, we are able to help decrease UMB's energy load on the BGE grid, which in turn allows for more electrical capacity for other Baltimore City residents and businesses to operate. Reducing our electrical consumption also reduces the greenhouse gas emissions associated with that electricity. Currently, UMB's electricity is generated from several sources, including burning fossil fuels like natural gas and oil. Burning fossil fuels releases carbon into the atmosphere among other pollutants, which contributes to global climate change.

Q: How does the pilot program alter mail and environmental services within Saratoga?

A: Mail Services will be halted on Fridays during the pilot program and will resume the following business day. If you need mail services on a Friday, please visit their new location at 111. S. Penn Street, Lower Level of General Research Building. During the pilot program, we are also evaluating Environmental Services (EVS) and Security needs for Saratoga on Fridays. If you need EVS assistance or maintenance on a Friday, please call the service center at 410-706-7570 or submit a request online.

Q: What is the duration of the pilot program?

A: The Saratoga Building Energy Reduction Pilot will be conducted from Friday, August 26, 2022 through Friday, September 1, 2023. 

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