Selected Speeches


Centers for Adults With Neurodevelopmental Disabilities

Dec. 2019—Dr. Perman talks about why two new centers in the School of Medicine treating adults with neurodevelopmental disabilities are so important to achieving a high-quality continuum of care.

SMC Campus Center: 10-Year Anniversary

Dec. 2019—Dr. Perman talks about why the Campus Center is so important to UMB's community of students and future professionals.

Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore

Nov. 2019—At the EAGB board meeting, Dr. Perman shares why we must promote the state's world-class higher ed institutions when we're promoting Maryland's innovation economy.

Interprofessional Forum on Ethics and Religion in Health Care

Nov. 2019—Dr. Perman speaks about adequately serving the health care needs of the LGBTQ+ community.

HBCU Marketplace

Oct. 2019—Dr. Perman speaks to high-achieving Black students from across the country about choosing the right fit, in college and career.

Illumina Ribbon-Cutting

Oct. 2019—Dr. Perman welcomes Illumina, the country's largest genetic testing company, to UMB's BioPark.

Founders Week Gala

Oct. 2019—Dr. Perman celebrates the future of UMB at the 24th annual Founders Week Gala.

Founders Week: Entrepreneur of the Year

Oct. 2019—Dr. Perman honors Dr. Robert Ernst, 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year, and talks about why entrepreneurship is central to UMB's mission.

Mother Mary Lange Groundbreaking

Oct. 2019—Dr. Perman joins the Archdiocese of Baltimore at it breaks ground on the first Catholic school to be built in West Baltimore in 60 years.

CABTRAC Diversity Pipeline Programs

Oct. 2019—At this annual meeting of the Cancer Biology Training Consortium, Dr. Perman shares why pipeline programs in cancer research mean so much to a city like Baltimore.

Institute of Human Virology Annual Gala

Oct. 2019—Dr. Perman speaks about the Institute of Human Virology's work around the world and shares a personal story of its impact.

Downtown Partnership Annual Meeting

Sept. 2019—Dr. Perman ends his term as the board chair of the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore.


Family Medicine Residency, Eastern Shore

July 2019—Dr. Perman celebrates a U.S. Health Resources & Services Administration grant to establish a family medicine residency program on Maryland's Mid-Shore


May 2019—Dr. Perman talks about the School of Pharmacy's PATIENTS program as a bridge between UMB research and the populations it affects.

NAFSA: Association of International Educators

May 2019—Dr. Perman shares his experiences leading UMB's internationalization efforts as head of a University deeply engaged in global education, research, and service.

Board of Regents Meeting

April 2019—Dr. Perman shares UMB's approach to global learning with the USM Board of Regents and introduces two globally engaged students.

SNMA Senior Banquet

March 2019—Dr. Perman congratulates the graduating seniors of the Student National Medical Association.

Black Law Students Association Banquet

Feb. 2019—Dr. Perman speaks to BLSA graduates about the importance of their legal scholarship, service, and activism.

MPowering the State Testimony

Feb. 2019—Dr. Perman updates the Senate Subcommittee on Education, Business & Administration on the power and progress of the University of Maryland Strategic Partnership.

UMB Operating Budget Testimony

Feb. 2019—Dr. Perman shares with the Senate Subcommittee on Education, Business & Administration UMB's success in training Maryland's professional workforce and fueling its economy.

Mobile Integrated Healthcare/Community Paramedicine

Feb. 2019—Dr. Perman talks about a partnership with the University of Maryland Medical Center and the Baltimore Fire Department to provide in-home care and counsel to city residents.

Institute for Integrative Health

Feb. 2019—Dr. Perman talks about the social determinants of health in Baltimore City.

No Money, No Mission

Nov. 2018—Dr. Perman talks about how to spend our money in a way that achieves our mission: good health for all.

Founders Week Gala

Oct. 2018—Dr. Perman shares how UMB takes care of Maryland.

Health Sciences Research Facility III Ribbon-Cutting

Oct. 2018—Dr. Perman's prepared remarks on the opening of the School of Medicine's Health Sciences Research Facility III.

President's Symposium and White Paper Project: Gun Violence

Sept. 2018—Dr. Perman speaks to the President's Fellows on UMB's role in curbing gun violence, locally and nationally.


Board of Regents Meeting

June 2018—Dr. Perman and UMCP President Wallace Loh update the USM Board of Regents on the successes of MPowering the State.

U.S. Naturalization Ceremony

June 2018—Dr. Perman congratulates 50 immigrants, refugees, and asylees from 25 nations as they take their Oath of Allegiance as new U.S. citizens.

Anchor Collaborative Convening

June 2018—Dr. Perman talks with professionals at urban anchor institutions nationwide working to advance economic inclusion.

Annapolis Rotary Club

June 2018—Dr. Perman talks about UMB's mission and work with one of the largest and most active Rotary Clubs in Maryland, whose members raise hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for charitable causes.

Doctoral Hooding Ceremony

May 2018—Dr. Perman congratulates UMB's newest PhDs.

International Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health

May 2018—Dr. Perman welcomes integrative medicine practitioners working globally in research, clinical care, policy, and education.

Maryland Tech Transfer Summit

April 2018—Dr. Perman talks about UMB's commercialization strengths and opportunities, alongside panelists from Johns Hopkins University, Montgomery College, and TEDCO.

Confronting the Opioid Epidemic

April 2018—Dr. Perman leads a panel discussion on solutions to the state's opioid crisis.

The Life and Work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

April 2018—Dr. Perman commemorates the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Women's History Month: The Life and Legacy of Angela Brodie

March 2018—Dr. Perman opens a panel exploring the life and work of internationally renowned researcher Angela H. Brodie, PhD.

Arnold P. Gold Humanism Honor Society Induction

March 2018—Dr. Perman congratulates School of Medicine students inducted into the Humanism Honor Society.

Black Law Students Association Banquet

February 2018—Dr. Perman speaks to the mission of BLSA and why it's more important than ever before.

Martin Luther King Jr. Diversity Awards

February 2018—Dr. Perman recognizes UMB faculty, staff, and students who honor Dr. King's legacy.

Live Near Your Work

January 2018—Dr. Perman launches UMB's improved Live Near Your Work program, encouraging employees to buy homes in the neighborhood.

UM Ventures 2.0

December 2017—Dr. Perman opens UMB's new innovation center at the BioPark.

Interprofessional Care Transitions Clinic

November 2017—Dr. Perman cuts the ribbon on the ICTC, serving vulnerable patients in Prince George's County.

RISING Baltimore

October 2017—Dr. Perman welcomes guests from England's Coventry University to talk about peace, justice, and reconciliation.


21 Years of NCI CURE

June 2017—At the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Perman talks about the UMB CURE Scholars Program, modeled on the nationwide program launched 21 years ago by the National Cancer Institute.

Global Gap Summit 2017

June 2017—Dr. Perman offers advice to the next generation of global biotech disrupters.

UMBC-UMB Partnership Symposium

April 2017—Dr. Perman talks about the power of scientific collaboration and advocacy.

Langenberg Lecture

April 2017—Dr. Perman talks about civic engagement with University System of Maryland leadership.

Black Law Students Association Banquet

February 2017—Dr. Perman talks about BLSA's leadership on issues of equity, inclusion, and fair treatment for all.

Maryland Healthcare Exchange

November 2016—Dr. Perman kicks off College Enrollment Week with the Maryland Healthcare Exchange.

UniverCity Partnership Celebration

November 2016—Dr. Perman celebrates UniverCity Partnership successes with Mayor Rawlings-Blake.

Ethics and Religion in Health Care

November 2016—Dr. Perman welcomes guests to UMB's third annual Ethics and Religion in Health Care conference.

Board of Regents Meeting
October 2016—Dr. Perman talks about UMB's community engagement efforts with the University System's regents and presidents.

UMB CURE Scholars, Year 2 Launch

October 2016—Dr. Perman welcomes the second cohort of UMB CURE Scholars.


The Greatest Gap: Health Inequity in Baltimore
June 2016—Dr. Perman addresses UMB's efforts to improve population health in Baltimore City.

Commencement 2016

May 2016—Dr. Perman congratulates UMB's graduating Class of 2016.

Improve the Human Condition. Serve the Public Good.

May 2016—Dr. Perman lauds ‘watershed year’ in State of University Address.

Community Engagement Center Ribbon-Cutting

April 2016—Dr. Perman officially opens the UMB Community Engagement Center.

Town Hall on SB 1052: UM Strategic Partnership Act

March 2016—Dr. Perman holds a town hall on SB 1052, the University of Maryland Strategic Partnership Act of 2016.

SB 1052: University of Maryland Strategic Partnership Act

March 2016—Dr. Perman testifies before the Maryland Senate’s Budget and Taxation Committee on SB 1052, the University of Maryland Strategic Partnership Act of 2016.

Testimony to the Maryland General Assembly
February 2016—Dr. Perman testifies on UMB’s FY 2017 operating budget before Maryland’s House and Senate education subcommittees.

Martin Luther King Jr. Diversity Recognition Awards

February 2016—Dr. Perman celebrates Black History Month and the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by recognizing faculty, staff, and students whose scholarship and service honor Dr. King's legacy.

Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities

November 2015—Dr. Perman talks about civic engagement in Baltimore, post-Freddie Gray.

Anchor Institutions Task Force Annual Meeting

October 2015—Dr. Perman opens a panel discussion on the role of health care anchor institutions in improving community health. The panelists are among the nation’s leading experts in community-engaged health initiatives.

Founders Week Gala

October 2015—Dr. Perman celebrates UMB’s 20th annual Founders Week, highlighting two decades of accomplishments and the people who’ve made them possible.

Coppin State University: Pre-Med Day

October 2015—Dr. Perman talks to Coppin State University’s pre-med students about why the city, the state, and the health care community need them to pursue medical education.

UMB CURE Scholars Launch

October 2015—Dr. Perman launches the UMB CURE Scholars Program, a long-term mentoring program that prepares West Baltimore students, beginning in middle school, for careers in the biomedical sciences.

Project Homeless Connect

September 2015—Dr. Perman welcomes thousands of clients, volunteers, and providers to the United Way of Central Maryland’s Project Homeless Connect. PHC brings together — in one place, at one time — services that meet the many needs of Maryland’s homeless community and at-risk individuals.


UMBC Annual Retreat

August 2015—In these remarks to UMBC's leadership, faculty, and staff, Dr. Perman talks about the close relationship between UMB and UMBC and the power of our sustained collaboration.

Interprofessional Education: Capitol Hill Briefing

June 2015—Dr. Perman talks to congressional staffers about the importance of interprofessional education and how to operationalize, incentivize, and validate interprofessional care.

School of Dentistry: 175 Years

May 2015—In this video message, Dr. Perman congratulates the School of Dentistry on 175 years of excellence.

Doctoral Hooding Ceremony

May 2015—Dr. Perman congratulates UMB's newest PhD graduates and explores the material and transcendent effect of their scholarship.

The State of the University Address: Renew the State. Repair the World.

May 2015—Dr. Perman reflects on recent Baltimore riots and in that context explores UMB's purpose.

A Conversation About Race

May 2015—Dr. Perman opens this forum on race and racism in Baltimore in the wake of citywide unrest provoked by the death of Freddie Gray in police custody.

Employee Service Awards

April 2015—Dr. Perman honors UMB's long-serving and award-winning employees.

On the School of Nursing's 125th Anniversary

April 2015—In this video address, Dr. Perman celebrates the School of Nursing's milestone anniversary.

What Business Is It of Ours: Why UMB Cares About The Gambia

March 2015—In this address to Maryland's business leaders, Dr. Perman shares how UMB applies the lessons learned through expansive global outreach to the pervasive challenges we confront here at home.

Vesalius Unveiled

February 2015—Dr. Perman remarks on the installation of Vesalius, a painting by renowed artist Joseph Sheppard, in the University's Health Sciences and Human Services Library.

Martin Luther King Jr. Diversity Awards

February 2015—Dr. Perman celebrates Black History Month and the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by recognizing faculty, staff, and students whose scholarship and service honor Dr. King's legacy.

UMB CURE Scholars

October 2014—Dr. Perman launches the UMB CURE Scholars Program, a project to prepare West Baltimore students for high-paying—and life-saving—jobs in the health sciences.