Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Procedures

Use of Dosimeters

Research, Environmental Health and Safety   |   Approved May 14, 2015


Approval, badge use, and pregnancy declaration as part of Radiation Safety’s Dosimetry Program.


Employees approved to work with radioactive material and assessed as part of their registration.  The large majority of employees and students at the University are not exposed to ionizing radiation and thus, are not entered into the dosimetry program. 

Required to wear dosimeters:

  • Adults who are likely to receive an annual effective dose equivalent of 100 mrem (1 mSv) - included is the committed effective dose equivalent of internally deposited radionuclides
  • Minors or pregnant women who are likely to receive an annual dose equivalent of 50 mrem (0.5 mSv) 

May request a dosimeter:

  • Adults who are likely to receive a radiation exposure, but their annual exposure is likely to be less than an effective dose equivalent of 100 mrem (1mSv)
  • Minors and pregnant women who work in the vicinity of a radiation source, but are unlikely to receive an annual dose equivalent of 50 mrem (0.5mSv) 

The placement of an individual is reassessed as needed by the Radiation Safety Committee as recommended by the Radiation Safety Officer.

 More information on the Radiation Safety Office’s Dosimetry program can be found on the Dosimetry website.


  1. Registration through CICERO and as a Radiation Worker will determine if you will be assigned to the dosimetry program.
    1. Please see Radiation Safety Authorization procedure if this is a new project or new staff members are assigned to an existing project.
    2. The assessment process is based on the following criteria:
      1. Exposure history of individual and similar workers,
      2. Work habits,
      3. Nature of the work,
      4. Quantity of radioactive materials and/or strength of radiation source, and
      5. Other relevant parameters.
    3. If not automatically assigned to the dosimetry program any employee can request entry by contacting the Radiation Safety Officer.
  2. Damaged Badge: If your badge is damaged or there has been an incident of inadvertent exposure, please complete the Dosimetry Damaged/Inadvertent Exposure Form and replacement badge will be assessed.
  3. Lost Badge: If a dosimetry badge is misplaced or stolen, please complete Dosimetry Lost/Late Badge Form and a replacement badge will be assessed.
  4. Fetal Monitor: If a worker would like to declare their pregnancy and receive a Fetal Monitor as part of the program, they must notify the Radiation Safety Officer in writing. 
    1. Complete the online Pregnant Worker Declaration form.
    2. This declaration is not mandatory and may be revoked at any time.  Revocation must also be in writing.
    3. Once form has been processed additional services are available through the Radiation Safety Office, including counseling if requested.
  5. End participation in the Dosimetry Program.
    1. All badges must be returned to the Radiation Safety Office.
    2. Complete Dosimetry Badge Termination Form.
    3. Finalize any additional requirements associated with working in an authorized laboratory.
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