Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Procedures

Request Calibration of Radiation Instruments

Research, Environmental Health and Safety   |   Approved May 14, 2015


Process payments and receive mandatory calibration for radiation survey instruments.


Radiation Safety provides calibration services for authorized users. Payment is received in the form of a completed EHS Inter-Departmental Billing Form and must accompany the instrument due for calibration. 

Portable radiation survey instruments are required to be calibrated before first use (usually done at the factory), following repair of the instrument, and on an annual basis. The instrument should be labelled with a calibration sticker indicating the due date for calibration. 

Current calibration costs are available on EHS’s Instrument Calibration website.


  1. Complete Instrument Calibration Form.
  2. Provide the following contact information:
    1. Contact Person
    2. Department
    3. Phone #
    4. Work Address
    5. Radiation Safety Authorized User – Printed or Typed
    6. CHARGE Authorized Signature
    7. Date – When the CHARGE Authorized Signature signed this form
  3. Billing depends on which organization the instrument is currently associated.
    1. University of Maryland, Baltimore
      1. CHARTSTRING (Project ID, Owner Department, Program, Fund, Account, and PCBU)
      1.  (ACCOUNT NUMER and SUB CODE)
  4. Describe good and services to be provided:
    1. Quantity for each line that is needed – How many?
    2. Amount for each line that is needed
    3. Get this information from the memo Radiation Safety sends you.
    4. Parts – You can write a description in the space next to it.
    5. Other – You can write a description in the space next to it.
  5.  Deliver instrument to Radiation Safety Office with a copy of the billing form.
    1. Please keep copy for department records.
  6. EHS will contact your office when the instrument has been serviced. 
  7. Please check that new calibration label with due date has been properly attached.
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