Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Procedures

Motor Vehicle Claim

Research, Environmental Health and Safety   |   Approved May 14, 2015


File claim for motor vehicle accident.


Employees and their supervisors to complete within 48 hours of any motor vehicle accident involving University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) property or operators.  The driver of the university vehicle will need to respond at the scene and then complete appropriate forms.  Supervisor will approve forms or assume responsibility for processing the forms if the employee is unable to complete their duties. 

All vehicle accidents must be reported regardless of the amount of damage involved.  For more information please review the Auto Coverage website.


  1. Whenever possible, local or State Police must be called for an investigation and report of the accident.  Ideally this should take place at the scene and time of the accident.
    1. If you need assistance finding phone numbers see Police Department Contact Information.
  2. If other vehicles are involved share UMB contact informationwith other parties and exchange the following information with operators of other vehicles involved:
    1. Insurance carrier’s name, policy number, dates of coverage and agent’s address and phone number;
    2. Driver’s full name, license number, address, date of birth and phone number;
    3. Owner’s full name, address and phone number. D. Vehicle’s year, make, model, serial number and license plate number;
    4. Name, address and phone number of each witness; and
    5. Name, address, phone number and type of injury of all injured individuals.
    6. If other vehicles are involved and the employee is not able to communicate with them directly, the following Accident Courtesy Notice can be delivered at the scene of the incident.
  3. After the accident review the Vehicle Accident Packet Contents on the Auto Coverage Website.
  4. Complete Accident Work Sheet, State of Maryland Automobile Loss Report, and FS-1 Form.
    1. Reports submitted involving other than the State-Owned vehicles used on State business should be clearly marked “Non-Owned Vehicle”.
    2. If the University driver is injured and/or otherwise unable to complete and file these forms, it is the responsibility of his supervisor to report the accident to Central Administration Support Services on the driver’s behalf.
  5. All forms are to be reviewed by the supervisor.  Immediate supervisor will complete the “Accident Review by Supervisor” section on the bottom of the FS-1 form and sign.
  6. File completed Vehicle Accident Packet of incident to Central Administration Support within 48 hours of the accident or next workday. These forms can be submitted by fax at 410- 706-1401 or can be scanned and sent by email to John Jenson. (Scanned submissions are preferred.)
    1. Reports of incidents or accidents are to be submitted even if the other party or individual(s) involved indicated they were not injured and no damages were done.
  7. For additional information or follow up regarding you claim, please email John Jensen.
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