State-Owned Property and Vehicles

Property damage coverage - Provides coverage through the State Insurance Trust Fund (SITF) for repair or replacement costs for sudden and accidental losses to state-owned property, including buildings and contents up to $2,500,000.

The property does not include autos, land, currency or crops:

  • UMB is self-insured, which means the Insurance Division of the State Treasurer’s Office pays claims on behalf of UMB through a State Insurance Trust Fund. The Treasurer’s Office issues an assessment to UMB annually for claims costs.
  • An agency deductible of $1,000 applies. The deductible may be higher for water damage claims. If the cost to repair the damage to a state-owned property is under $1,000 then the department is responsible for paying out of departmental funds.
  • Property exclusions apply, such as theft or normal wear and tear. The department retains responsibility for theft of UMB property as well as improvements to the building resulting from standard use over time, ex. carpet replacement.
  • All claims must be reported to the State Treasurer’s Office within 60 days to prevent denial of liability. There are no exceptions to the notification period as it is mandated by state statute.  
  • Building Claim Instructions
  • Insurance Claim Inventory Sheet

Auto coverage provides liability and physical damage coverage for State-owned autos.