Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Procedures

Claim for Damaged UMB Property

Research, Environmental Health and Safety   |   Approved May 14, 2015


File Claim for damaged University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) property.


Employees and their supervisors in response to incidents involving UMB property. 

The State Treasurer’s Office of Maryland must be notified of a potential insurance claim within 60 days of the incident. For more information review the Property Damage Coverage website.


  1. Complete Insurance Claim Inventory Sheet to compile a record of damaged or destroyed items.
    1. Make copies of the original form.
    2. Use one sheet for each vendor/supplier of a damaged item.
    3. Put the name of the vendor/manufacturer on the top of each sheet. Please be sure to include the catalog or manufacturer’s product number for each item.
    4. Please include a concise description and quoted cost for each item. Indicate whether shipping is included.
    5. Please number each item and each page. This will assist in matching up invoices with approved inventory lists.
    6. Submit the completed sheets (including signature) to the Central Administration Support Services (CASS) via campus mail, e-mail or fax number 6-1401. Retain copies for your records.
  2. UMB Insurance Coordinators will notify State Treasurer’s Office of Maryland.
  3. For removal of damaged or destroyed items contact Facilities Management or their designee prior to disposal.  Do not discard items without authorization.
  4. With approval from the UMB Insurance Coordinators you may replace or repair damaged or destroyed items as appropriate.
    1. Procurement rules must be followed for all insurance claim purchases.
      1. Purchases under $5,000 can be made on the UMB Procurement Card. Purchases on the procurement cards must be reallocated to the Insurance Claim Project ID when statements are reconciled at the end of the month.
    2. Contact by John Jensen at extension 6-4358 to receive the account information required to make the reallocations.
    3. Please reference the UMB claim number, inventory page number and item number on all purchases and requisitions.
    4. All requisitions should be sent to Facilities Management for processing.
    5. DO NOT PUT ANY PROJECT ID or FUNDING information on these requisitions.
    6. All invoices should be sent to Central Administration Support Services at University of Maryland Baltimore, 620 Lexington Building, Room 1110B, Baltimore, MD 21201 for processing.

As an exception, the disposal of damaged chemicals or biologicals must be coordinated with Environmental Health and Safety.  If an incident has occurred contact EHS personal at 6-7055 or fax disposal request to 6-8212.

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