Human Resources Policies


UMB Policy on Modified Duty

Human Resources

Responsible VP/AVP

Dawn M. Rhodes, DBA, MBA

Policy Statement

The medical certificate required under this policy should be submitted to the appropriate department administrator or to the Director of Student and Employee Health.

  1. To determine whether an appropriate modified duty assignment exists, the appropriate department administrator, the Director of Student and Employee Health or designee, and the Director of Employee/Labor Relations, Administrative Policy Management and Training or designee, will collaboratively develop a proposed assignment with consideration of the medical information provided by the employee.
  2. Second medical opinions may be sought in consultation with the Director of Student and Employee Health to assist in determining an appropriate modified duty assignment.
  3. If an employee refuses a modified duty assignment, paid sick or accident leave for illness or injury will be terminated immediately. Other paid or unpaid leave may be authorized. In the case of a work injury, the employee's refusal to accept a modified duty assignment will be reported by the Office of Student and Employee Health to the Injured Workers Insurance Fund.
  4. Questions regarding modified duty assignments and/or requests for assistance in developing a plan should be directed to Employee/Labor Relations, Human Resource Services.
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