Financial Affairs Policies


UMB Policy on Approval, Payment and Reimbursement of Personal Business-Related Expenses of UMB Employees

Financial Affairs   |   Approved November 1, 2011

Responsible VP/AVP

Dawn M. Rhodes, DBA, MBA

Applies to Staff, Faculty

Revision History

Effective Date: November 1, 2011

Policy Statement

Abstract: This Policy requires that reimbursement and payment of allowable personal business-related expenses of an employee be approved by the employee’s supervisor. This Policy applies to all employees of the University of Maryland Baltimore (UM).

  1. The following actions that directly benefit a UM employee must be approved by a UM supervisor of that employee:

    - Reimbursement of personal business expensesdefined as out-of-pocket costs for travel and other business activities on behalf of UM or an affiliate that are allowable expenses under the policy of UM or one of its affiliates.

    - Direct payment of personal business expenses, defined as employment-related expenses on behalf of UM or an affiliate and authorized by policy of UM or an affiliate (e.g., out of state travel expenses; professional memberships; conference registrations).

    The requirements stated in this Policy apply whether reimbursement or payment is being requested from UM or from an entity that has a relationship with UM authorized by the Board of Regents or by law, e.g., faculty practice plan organizations, affiliated foundations, incorporated alumni associations, affiliated business entities, and the University of Maryland Medical System/University of Maryland Medical Center.

  2. The Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance and the Deans shall ensure that procedures used by the campus and the schools implement the requirements of this Policy.
  3. A supervisor may appoint a designee to act on the supervisor’s behalf. A designee may not approve an action affecting a person senior to the designee in the reporting structure of the school or unit of the supervisor and designee. No person may approve an action described in this Policy that will affect a member of his or her own family or the family of his or her supervisor.

  4. Entities that do not have a relationship with UM pursuant to Board of Regents action or State law should not be asked to reimburse or pay personal business expenses of UM employees related to their UM responsibilities.

  5. If a UM employee incurs expenses related to approved activities on behalf of an organization or entity other than UM or an entity described in Paragraph 1 above (e.g., travel costs related to holding office in a national professional association), reimbursement of such expenses by that organization, and NOT by UM or an entity described in Paragraph 1, is appropriate and does not require a UM supervisor’s approval.
  6. This Policy does not supersede other policies of UM or other entities referred to in Paragraph 1 above that may require additional approvals for the actions described in paragraph 1. If a supervisor is not the custodian of funds involved in an action described in this Policy, the custodian’s approval will be required in addition to the supervisor’s approval.
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