Faculty Policies


UMB Policy on Faculty Supplemental Pay for Summer Work

Faculty   |   Approved December 1, 2009

Responsible VP/AVP

Roger Ward, EdD, JD, MSL, MPA

Revision History

Approved by the President, January 19, 1996. Revised December 1, 2009

Policy Statement

  1. Faculty on 9- or 10-month appointments ordinarily do not work during the summer months, as determined by their school’s academic calendar. Faculty on such appointments who undertake academic work or administrative work during the summer may be paid a summer supplement. The academic or administrative assignment and the supplemental compensation must be approved in advance by the faculty member’s Dean.
  2. A School is responsible for funding all summer supplements for its faculty. Grant funds and other sponsored work funding may be used for summer support, subject to the terms of awards. Summer supplement compensation should be generally consistent with the faculty member’s rate of earnings during the academic term and the anticipated percentage of full time effort during the summer.
  3. Faculty on 12-month appointments are not eligible for summer supplements for academic or administrative work.
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