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UMB Policy on Emeritus Status for Faculty

Faculty   |   Approved October 6, 2016

Responsible VP/AVP

Roger Ward, EdD, JD, MSL, MPA

Applies to Faculty

Revision History

Approved October 6, 2016.

Policy Statement

I. Policy Text

Emeritus status may be awarded to a faculty member who has made a significant and extraordinary contribution to a School or the University through excellent teaching, scholarship, or service, or a combination thereof.  The President must approve each emeritus designation.  A faculty member may be awarded emeritus status only if the faculty member has retired or has announced a retirement date and filed all official documents required to request retiree status. 

 II. Criteria

Ordinarily, a candidate for emeritus status shall have been a member of the faculty at UMB for at least ten years and shall have attained the rank of Professor with tenure.   Emeritus status is not awarded solely for years in service.  The years of service and academic rank requirements may be waived by the President if the significance of a candidate's contribution to a School, UMB, or the candidate’s field so warrants. 

Each School shall establish written guidelines and procedures for awarding emeritus status to its faculty.  A School’s APT policy may allow for non-tenured or lower rank faculty to be awarded emeritus status if other policy requirements are satisfied, as determined by the President. 

School procedures must require that a faculty member be retired, or have submitted all required retirement letters and forms, prior to consideration for emeritus status.  Each School shall determine any School privileges and responsibilities associated with the awarding of emeritus status to its faculty.  No campus privileges and responsibilities are associated with emeritus status.

III. Procedure for Recommendation of Emeritus Status for Faculty

Recommendations for emeritus status shall be made in writing by a faculty member or Department Chair to the candidate’s Dean. The Dean shall review the nomination and, as appropriate, make a recommendation to the President by forwarding a complete dossier to the Office of Academic Affairs.

The dossier shall include:

  • A letter from the Dean to the President recommending the awarding of emeritus status,
    including the Dean's assessment of the candidate’s contribution to the School or UMB;
  • A detailed statement of the School’s evaluation of the candidate; and
  • A current copy of the candidate’s curriculum vitae.

The President will communicate a decision to the Dean in writing.

After receiving the President’s letter, it is the responsibility of the Dean to prepare and issue a letter to the candidate with the President’s decision. 

The President’s decision is final and may not be appealed.  

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