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UMB Policy on Branding and Trademark Acceptable Use

Administration   |   Approved November 1, 2016

Responsible VP/AVP

Jennifer B. Litchman, MA

Revision History

Approved by the President November 1, 2016.


UMB must control and monitor the use of UMB’s trademarks and branding or risk losing its right to use them as unique identifiers. UMB must control the use of UMB trademarks to ensure that any product or service that bears a UMB trademark is of high quality and is used only in connection with products and services with which the University has chosen to be identified, and which, as a result, UMB has assumed some level of responsibility. Controlling UMB trademarks prevents misleading or inaccurate portrayals of UMB and its relationship to others and UMB activities. Controlling UMB trademarks prevents others from taking advantage of the goodwill UMB has developed and which is symbolized by UMB trademarks.  Controlling products and services that bear UMB trademarks protects the integrity and reputation of UMB, maintains and builds upon the goodwill of UMB, and promotes support and increases positive awareness of UMB. To ensure its integrity and proper use, the logo is to be used only for official purposes. The logo is not to be used by faculty, staff, students or private individuals for personal use or gain.

Additional information about UMB branding efforts, guidelines, and approvals can be found at the Branding department in the Communications and Public Affairs website. Contact the director of branding communications for all inquiries.  

Policy Statement

  1. Advance authorization to use the UMB logo is not required for official purpose letters or memos, and other official purpose uses that are explicitly authorized by the UMB Office of Communications and Public Affairs, as long as the user conforms to UMB brand standards, templates, and guidance. For all other uses of UMB trademarks, the UMB Office of Communications and Public Affairs must provide approval. This includes all commercial and noncommercial uses, including Internet uses. UMB reserves the right to require payment of a royalty on income-producing uses of UMB trademarks.  
  2. In general, acceptable use of UMB trademarks is use approved by the UMB Office of Communications and Public Affairs and use that is in support of the research, education, service, and administrative activities of UMB or of a UMB affiliate.
  3. UMB trademarks should be used only for purposes and in a manner that is consistent with UMB policies, procedures, and guidelines. 
  4. A UMB trademark should not be used when use may cause confusion. UMB trademarks should not be used in a manner that represents or implies that non-UMB efforts, products, services, initiatives, communications, or opinions are related to UMB. UMB trademarks should not be used in a manner that may cause confusion as to UMB’s policy, mission, activities, support, endorsement or sponsorship, or if use may conflict with the views or policies of UMB.
  5. Use of UMB trademarks is a privilege granted by UMB. The privilege is subject to compliance with this policy, other applicable UMB and USM policies, UMB affiliate policies and State and Federal laws.


Brand - The UMB brand is the UMB logo, official seal, fonts, color palette, style guide, mission and vision statement, tagline, and any other elements, which distinctively represent UMB, its identity, culture and mission.

Logo - The UMB logo is a graphic mark used by the University and its affiliates to identify the UMB brand.  The UMB logo is a stylized drawing of UMB’s Davidge Hall. It shows three columns surmounted by a triangle pediment and two horizontal curved bands across the top of the figure and one curved band at the bottom of the figure. The logo is a registered federal trademark owned by UMB.

Official purposes - Activity conducted under the auspices, sponsorship, support or name of UMB or a UMB affiliate. Activity conducted within the scope of UMB employment. Activity conducted within the scope of UMB’s mission, including education, patient care, research, service, and community engagement. 

Promotional activity - Raising awareness of UMB, its purposes and its brand, to generate loyalty and engagement with UMB.

UMB Affiliate - UMB affiliates include the University of Maryland Medical System Corporation, Faculty Physicians, Inc. (FPI) and the UMB Foundation. It also includes organizations that the University has developed a relationship with to sponsor/support collaborative efforts. The UMB Office of Communications and Public Affairs can provide additional information about UMB affiliates.

UMB Trademarks - UMB Trademarks include the UMB Logo and wordmark as well as any other trademarks owned by UMB including those within each school. 

Scope and Exceptions

This policy applies to UMB students, faculty, staff, alumni organizations, and affiliates including, but not limited to academic departments, administrative departments, informal groups, student organizations, partner/collaborative organizations, and business partnerships.

When utilizing the UMB brand, please reference the UMB Style Guide located at

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