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UMB Policy on the Use of Alcoholic Beverages at University System Institutions and Facilities

Administration   |   Approved June 1, 1989

Responsible VP/AVP

Roger Ward, EdD, JD, MSL, MPA

Revision History

Approved by the President, June 1989


To establish UMB policy on the use of alcoholic beverages and to recognize standards for individual and group behavior at events where such beverages are served.

The UMB Alcoholic Beverage Policy is designed to (1) observe the laws of the State; (2) stress moderation, safety, and individual accountability for those who choose to drink; (3) provide a campus atmosphere free of coercion for those who choose not to drink; (4) maintain a community where the affects of alcohol abuse are minimal and where problem behavior is reduced; and (5) provide confidential and effective guidance and counseling for those with special needs related to alcohol and alcoholism. All students should be familiar with and abide by the principles and particulars of this statement. Each school on the UMB campus shall provide information to all students regarding the existence of this policy.

Maryland law forbids the sale or serving of alcoholic beverages to persons under 21 years of age or those visibly intoxicated, Article 2B, Section 118, Annotated Code of Maryland. The law also forbids misrepresenting one's age for the purpose of consuming alcoholic beverages, Article 27, Sections 400-423A, Annotated Code of Maryland. There have been indications in recent years (e.g., the heightened awareness of drunken driving, etc.) that drinking and alcohol-related behavior should receive careful attention.

Policy Statement


  1. Individuals are expected to obey the law and take personal responsibility for their own conduct; the University will not police individuals' personal lives on or off campus.
  2. Disorderly conduct in any manner, or misrepresentation of age at on-campus social events sponsored by University-recognized organizations may subject the offender to disciplinary action and/or action by law enforcement personnel. The association of alcohol with problem behavior shall be seen as an exacerbating factor, not a mitigating one.
  3. Student and Employee Health provides confidential counseling, treatment, and referral to students seeking assistance for problems associated with alcohol abuse.
  4. Although the Dean or a designated faculty member of each school may refer students to Student and Employee Health, Alcoholics Anonymous or to other counseling and guidance resources, egregious offenses and repeat offenses, however minor, shall be referred to the appropriate disciplinary body in each school.


  1. The student groups recognized by the university sponsoring social events on campus must abide by state and local law. Officers of the sponsoring organizations shall be responsible for submitting a UMB Alcoholic Beverage Permit and Statement of Responsibility as well as for good faith administration of this policy. Failure to do so may result in loss of social privileges, individual disciplinary action, loss of university recognition for the organization or suspension of reservation privileges.
  2. Student events at which alcoholic beverages may be consumed can be held only under circumstances in which the sponsoring organization demonstrates reasonable means of ensuring adherence to state law and proper clean-up.


  1. Alcoholic beverages may only be sold by student groups upon obtaining the appropriate liquor license for the area and event; alcoholic beverages may be served by student groups in areas designated by each dean or the Office of Campus Life.
  2. At all social events where alcohol is consumed, nonalcoholic beverages must be provided by the sponsor of the event and be equally available to students. All persons consuming alcoholic beverages must be of legal drinking age.
  3. Where alcohol is consumed, food shall also be provided by the sponsor of the event.
  4. Social events, such as beer blasts, which encourage drinking or drunkenness as themes, and the advertisement of such events are considered inappropriate and shall not be permitted.
  5. The alcoholic beverage industry shall not be allowed to distribute their product on campus for promotional purposes. Other promotional activities by alcohol marketers may only be permitted with the written approval of the Office of Student Affairs.
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