Grants Management

How We Can Help You

After a grant is awarded, we help you manage grants by:

  • Making sure the grant agreement is reviewed by Sponsored Program Administration.
  • Sending report reminders for narrative and financial reports, approximately four weeks prior to the due date.
  • Reviewing interim, annual, and final narrative reports.
  • Coordinating foundation and corporate site visits to campus.
  • Advising on how to ask the foundation for:
    • a no-cost extension,
    • budget reallocation, or
    • other grant modifications.
  • Sending reminders to the funder for pledge payments.
  • Strategically planning with you the next grant cycle for this funder.
  • Researching with you other corporate and foundations that may be potential partners.


If you, as the PI, receive a grant agreement from a foundation or corporation, please forward the agreement to so that we can have Sponsored Program Administration review it for you. Do not sign any grant agreement between a funder and UMB, UMB Foundation, your center/institute/department, or school.