One Card Affiliates

What is an Affiliate?

  • An Affiliate is someone who is not paid by the University of Maryland, Baltimore.
  • May work with faculty, staff, or students on campus.
  • May be employed by UMMC, Stapa, FPI, Maryland Bar, State Examiner's Office, Emergency Medicine Institute, or Columbus Center.
  • This represents just a sample of Affiliate types, so please check with your department administration.
Why do I have to get a One Card?
  • If you require any door access or entrance to buildings, the One Card is required in most cases.
What do I have to do to be an Affiliate?
  • A new procedure for requesting affiliates was implemented Jan. 28, 2014. Instead of filling out a form, getting signatures, and sending the form to the IT Help Desk, the affiliate information will be entered into the UMB Community System.
  • To add an affiliate record, you must have access at this link.
  • A list of persons (sponsors and approvers) who can enter affiliate records can be found at this link. If you are on the main page of CITS (Center for Information Technology), Find & Click: "Service Catalog" / "A-Z Service Listing" / "Community System"
  • After a record has been entered, it may take a couple of hours to enter the system, and you may check the campus directory at this link to verify the record entry.
  • Any further questions can be answered by the Help Desk at 410-706-HELP (4357).