Report Other Forms of Discrimination/Harassment

UMB does not tolerate discrimination in any form. All discrimination should be reported promptly. Use the Hotline Form to report any discrimination/harassment involving employees, faculty, staff, students, applicants, and third parties. Reports will be forwarded to the appropriate UMB staff member(s) in accordance with UMB's Nondiscrimination Policies:

Information will be kept as private to the fullest extent possible and will be disclosed only to those individuals who need to know in order to investigate and resolve the complaint, and/or as required by law.

For Sexual Misconduct/Prohibited Sex Discrimination: Responsible employees should complete the Hotline Form in full. The target of the alleged incident may request partial or complete confidentiality below. A request for confidentiality may limit the University’s ability to respond to the complaint. The University will take reasonable steps to investigate and respond to the complaint consistent with that request, as long as doing so does not prevent the University from responding effectively to and preventing prohibited sex discrimination that may be directed toward others.

UMB's Hotline ‌is a single point of entry for reporting concerns in these areas.

  • When reporting sexual misconduct or harassment, choose the Bias & Discrimination category on the Hotline Reporting Page.