Working Groups

Each of the five Working Groups has been charged with the following tasks:

  1. Become knowledgeable about the Middle States standards for accreditation, known as the Characteristics of Excellence, with particular emphasis on the standards covered by the working group.
  2. Study the research questions outlined in the Self-Study Design and prepare responses that are supported by credible and reliable data and information.
  3. Using the style guidelines outlined in this Self-Study Design document, draft a chapter for the self-study report that presents the working group’s findings regarding the research questions, and that demonstrates the degree to which UMB is in compliance with the assigned Middle States standards.
  4. Based on the working group’s findings, draft five to 10 specific and attainable recommendations that can be adopted to advance the mission of the University and strengthen its compliance with specific standards.
  5. Produce and catalog the supporting documentation and evidence used to (a) inform the working group’s findings and recommendations relevant to the research questions, and (b) support its determination that UMB is in compliance with the assigned Middle States Standards.
  6. Submit its work product to the co-chairs by the deadline established by the Steering Committee.

Standard I: Mission and Goals 

    Working Group Members

    Bill Joyner – Community Engagement

    Andy Malinow – School of Medicine

    Alexa Mayo – Health Sciences and Human Services Library

    Logistics Committee Liaison

    Victoria Meadows 

    Standard II: Ethics and Integrity 

    Working Group Members

    Cherita Adams – School of Social Work

    Susan Buskirk – Accountability and Compliance

    Vanessa Harrington – UMB Police Department

    Logistics Committee Liaisons

    Courtney Resnick

    Tricia O’Neill 


    Standard III: Design and Delivery of Student Learning Experience  

    Working Group Members

    Susan Antol – Faculty Senate / School of Nursing

    Richard Dalby – School of Pharmacy

    Jenny Owens – Graduate School

    Logistics Committee Liaison

    Karen Matthews 


    Standard IV: Support of Student Experience 

    Working Group Members

    Patty Alvarez – Student Affairs / Office of the Provost

    Greg Brightbill – Staff Senate / UMB Student Affairs

    Barbara Gontrum – Francis King Carey School of Law

    Logistics Committee Liaison

    Kate Noonan 

    Standard V: Educational Effectiveness Assessment 

    Working Group Members

    Lynn Chen – School of Nursing

    Mark Macek – School of Dentistry

    Logistics Committee Liaison

    Greg Spengler – Institutional Effectiveness / Office of the Provost


    Standard VI: Planning, Resources, and Institutional Improvement 

      Working Group Members

      Kevin Donegan – Administration and Finance

      Jill Frankenfield – Sponsored Programs Administration

      Peter Murray – Center for Information Technology Services

      Logistics Committee Liaison

      Tricia O’Neill 

      Standard VII: Governance, Leadership, and Administration 

      Working Group Members

      Diane Forbes Berthoud – Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

      Jon Kucskar – Enterprise Risk Management / Office of the President

      Monica Maggiano – Leadership Communications / Office of the President

      Logistics Committee Liaison

      Michael Brown