Fall 2021 Enrollment Report

Table 1a

Headcount History by School, 2017-2021

Table 1b

FTES History by School, 2017-2021

Table 2

Headcount Change by Degree

Table 3

Projected vs. Actual Headcount by Degree

Table 4

FTES Change by Degree

Table 5

Headcount by Gender

Table 6

Headcount by Attendance Status

Table 7

Headcount and Percentage by Race/Ethnicity

Table 8a

Headcount by Residency

Table 8b

Headcount by Tuition Rate

Table 9

Headcount by Degree Status

Table 10

Headcount by Class and Type

Table 11a

Graduate School Enrollment by Program

Table 11b

Graduate School Headcount by Gender

Table 11c

Graduate School Headcount by Race

Table 11d

Graduate School Unaffiliated Program Headcount by Gender and Program and Headcount Change by Program

Table 12

Professional Practice Student Headcount by Class and Gender

Table 13

Headcount by Region and Maryland County

Table 14

Headcount by State

Table 15

International Student Headcount by Degree