Letters from the Chief to the Community

Fires on Campus Overnight

Dear UMB Community:

Last night, multiple fires were intentionally set on and around the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) community. We have confirmed that two fires occurred outside 550 W. Baltimore St. and 622 W. Fayette St., with a third unconfirmed fire near the intersection of West Baltimore Street and South Paca Street. One loading dock door suffered minor damage as a result of the fire. No injuries were reported.

At this time, we do not know why these fires were set - whether it was an unsheltered person trying to stay warm on a cold night, an attempted arson, or some other motive. No matter the reason, fires can cause significant damage and danger to our campus community.

Our officers are working diligently to identify a suspect and prevent future fires. I ask each of you to help our officers by reporting any suspicious activity to 410-706-6882. Be on the lookout and if you see a fire, call 911 immediately.


Alice K. Cary, MS
UMB Chief of Police

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