Comfort K-9

 Comfort K9 Lexi

The UMB Police Department (UMBPD) is the third university police department in the nation with a comfort K-9 program. Officer Lexi joined the UMBPD in June 2019.

Comfort K9 Lexi and Cpl. JR Jones

What is a comfort K-9?

A comfort K-9, sometimes called a therapy dog, is trained to provide stress relief and affection to people dealing with anxiety, depression, trauma, or mental illness. Comfort K-9s can work in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, disaster areas, and more. 

As a police comfort K-9, Lexi, and her handler, Cpl. J.R. Jones, visit UMB community members and neighbors. Lexi visits students experiencing exam stress, faculty and staff who need a break, and those who are coping with tragedy or trauma, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a member of the Community Outreach and Support Team (COAST), Lexi also helps to build positive relationships with communities who may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable with police officers.

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