Vehicle Maintenance

Monthly Mileage and Maintenance Forms (UMFS-1)

The UMFS-1 form replaces the MFOMS-1 Operators Report and must be completed monthly for each University-owned sedan, station wagon, and LTV beginning July 1, 1992. Forms are to be submitted to the UMB Fleet Manager by the 10th of the next month; departments should retain a copy of each form submitted. View the Mileage and Maintenance Form here.

How to Complete the UMFS-1 Form

1. Vehicles will be tracked by license number and vehicle serial numbers (last six digits). Check the appropriate box and use the same identification consistently. If license numbers and license plates have been changed, this must be noted this on the form.

2. Enter vehicle make and model (i.e., Ford Taurus) and year.

3. Enter institution (i.e., University of Maryland, Baltimore).

4. Enter the report month and year (i.e., July 2015 or 7/2015).

5. Record the starting odometer reading, which should be the same as the previous month's ending odometer reading.

6. Enter the assigned driver's name and commute zone only for vehicles that have been assigned to a specific driver who is authorized to commute.

7. The daily/trip log section should be completed for each day and/or trip on which the vehicle is driven. Commute miles should not occur or be recorded except for drivers authorized to commute. The last odometer reading should be the end-of-month reading. Attach additional pages if needed.

8. Drivers and/or department coordinator (or designee) must record maintenance and repairs as they occur.

9. The shaded area at the bottom is to be completed by the department coordinator or designee. Expenses incurred during the month, except gas and oil added between changes, should be included as maintenance or body fender and accident repairs. Enter number of tires added and accident frequencies, if any, for the month only.

Vehicle Safety Inspections

All state agencies must have a formal in-house inspection program for state vehicles to assure that vehicles are clean, properly equipped, maintained, and in good repair. The inspection program shall provide:

  1. UMB Fleet Manager is designated to implement the vehicle safety inspection program.

  2. Each vehicle shall be inspected annually by a certified mechanic and a copy of the vehicle inspection form (UMFS-19) will be completed. View the Vehicle Inspection Form here.

  3. UMB’s Fleet Manager will complete a semi-annual (April/October) safety inspection to ensure vehicles are clean, properly equipped, maintained, and in good repair. 

  4. Inspection records are to be kept on file with UMB’s Fleet Manager and shall be available for audits and any additional inquiries pertaining to a vehicle in UMB’s fleet.

  5. Unsatisfactory conditions shall be corrected within seven (7) days and such action recorded on the inspection sheet. (UMB’s Fleet Manager will notify Office of Risk Management of all serious unresolved safety-related issues immediately)