Purchasing and Disposing of Vehicles

Vehicle Purchase Guidelines

The University of Maryland has direct authority to procure and dispose of vehicles. (State Finance and Procurement Article, Section 12-107.) The quantity and composition of its institutional fleet may increase or decrease from year to year as appropriate. 

The acquisition of standard state automobiles, light trucks, and vans is usually limited to models approved by the Board of Public Works (BPW) upon the recommendation of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM). Minor changes for specific vehicle requests may be approved by the institutional fleet coordinator based on needs and budgetary considerations. Specifications must take into consideration the most economical type of vehicle available in a particular model year that will be efficient for the needs of the Institution. 

The UMB Fleet Manager will coordinate the purchase of other classes of vehicles as warranted to more efficiently serve the needs of the University. 

The UMB Fleet Manager must approve vehicle purchase requests from state or University standard specifications prior to procurement to ensure that funds are authorized and that the request is appropriate and in accordance with policy. Vehicle specifications/requests not in accordance with approved standard specifications must be approved by the UMB Fleet Manager prior to procurement. 

All acquisitions (including leasing) of motor vehicles must be approved by the UMB Fleet Manager before the institution may enter into a contract or make use of the vehicle. The sole exception to this policy is for passenger vehicles rented through the travel services contractor for use that begins away from the institution. 

The University of Maryland, Baltimore operates a fleet of vehicles within a framework of rules and regulations developed to satisfy both state and University System of Maryland requirements. 

Departments must complete the vehicle purchase approval form prior to purchasing a vehicle. Learn about UMB's EV policy in the section below. 

UMB's Requirements for Purchasing or Leasing Vehicle

  • The Department must identify a funding source for the vehicle purchase and list the source on the Vehicle Purchase Request Approval Form. 
  • The Department must provide a justification for the purchase on the Vehicle Purchase Request Approval Form. 
  • All vehicle purchases must adhere to the state mandate detailed in the Maryland Climate Solutions Now Act. (Vehicle purchasing restrictions and exemptions based on vehicle’s intended use, size, availability) 
  • Vehicles must be driven 5,000 miles or more annually for official department use. 
  • The Department must identify a Fleet Coordinator in the department responsible for managing fuel usage, vehicle maintenance, semi-annual inspections, mileage logs, and all other tasks associated with operating a UMB vehicle. 

How to purchase or lease a vehicle at UMB?

  1. Contact UMB Fleet Manager or Procurement for current contracts with authorized vendors for fleet services. 
  2. Select a vehicle listed by an authorized vendor on the state contract. 
  3. Contact the Fleet Sales Representative listed on the state contract for a quote of the purchase price. 
  4. Complete the Vehicle Purchase Request Approval Form.(Please attach the quote from the vendor to the form)  
  5. If approved, form will be routed to all approving UMB officials for their signatures. (Department will be notified by UMB’s Fleet Manager if the purchase is denied) 
  6. After the Vehicle Purchase Request Approval Form is approved, the Department will submit a requisition for the exact purchase price listed on the quote. 
  7. Fleet Manager will send the Vehicle Purchase Request Approval Form to Procurement so a PO can be created after they receive the requisition from the Department.  
  8. The department will give the vendor the PO Number so the vendor can list the number on the Bill of Sale/Invoice.
  9. The vendor will provide Fleet Manager with all original documents when the vehicle is delivered.  
  10. A copy of the invoice and the keys to the vehicle will be given to the department at the time of delivery. 
  11. The Department will send Accounts Payable a copy of the invoice and the receipt number for the invoice so payment can be issued to the vendor.  

Disposing of a Vehicle

Disposition of institutional vehicles must be approved in advance by the UMB Fleet Manager. Vehicle replacement criteria are determined by the UMB Fleet Manager. Current guidelines are as follows:

  • The vehicle accumulates 100,000 miles on or before the anticipated replacement date, or,
  • The vehicle is at least 10 years old and the fleet coordinator determines that it is appropriate to replace, or
  • The institutional fleet coordinator determines that the repair expenses for a particular vehicle have exceeded acceptable parameters.

If an institutional vehicle is damaged beyond repair, as a result of misuse or gross negligence, the operator may be required to make restitution. Restitution will be limited to the amount of the then-current wholesale value of the vehicle as reported in the National Auto Research Black Book Used Car Market Guide, MD Edition. The employee having made such restitution will then be entitled to the damaged vehicle.

Any defacement to the body of the vehicle resulting from the removal of accessories added by the employee (e.g., CB radios) must be repaired before disposition at the employee's expense.

The institution must submit a disposal notice to the UMB Fleet Manager for all disposed sedans and light tactical vehicles (LTVs).

Visit the SSAS website for information about the disposal of excess surplus property at UMB. Visit the Office of the Controller site to learn about policies and procedures regarding the management of capital and non-capital assets at UMB.