Requirements and Rules for Drivers

Requirements and Rules for Drivers

  • The driving record of each employee required to drive a UMB vehicle.
    The driving record must be reviewed by the Risk Management Division of Environmental Health and Safety at the time the employee begins work at UMB and each time a significant change is noted thereafter. A significant change could include administrative circumstances (e.g., the employee's move to another state, loss or forfeiture of a current valid driver’s license or other cause that may affect the employee's eligibility to operate a motor vehicle) or a significant moving violation (e.g., driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, reckless driving or leaving the scene of an accident) that may affect the employee's eligibility to operate a motor vehicle. These reviews will be conducted by the Vehicle Accident Review Board (VARB) within three (3) business days of the accident whenever possible. The VARB may recommend to the employee's supervisor sanctions up to and including suspension of the employee's driving privilege for state-owned or leased vehicles.
  • Schools/departments are responsible for obtaining initial certification for all prospective authorized drivers.
    For drivers licensed in the state of Maryland, this is accomplished by the employee providing the information requested on the 
    Authorized Driver Acknowledgement Form PDF after they have read the Authorized Driver Policies and Procedures which is provided by the Office of Risk Management. This information must be returned to the Office of Risk Management. Subsequent necessary reviews of the driving records of employees licensed in the state of Maryland will be conducted by Risk Management. The driving records for employees licensed in the state of Maryland are available to UMB at no cost.
  • Drivers must have a Maryland driver's license. 
    New Maryland residents must obtain a Maryland driver’s license within 60 days for a noncommercial driver's license and within 30 days if it is a commercial driver's license (CDL). Employees who possess a valid driver’s license from another state are responsible for submitting a certified copy of the driving record from the Motor Vehicle Administration in that state to the appropriate school/department administrator at the time the employee begins work at UMB. This information should be forwarded to Fleet Safety c/o Risk Management. The employee is subsequently responsible for providing a newly certified copy annually, and/or when a significant change in the record occurs, to Fleet Safety/Risk Management who administers the VARB. The expense of securing an out-of-state driving record is the responsibility of the employee.
  • Drivers must have a valid driver's license.
    Any employee whose driver's license is suspended or revoked by the Motor Vehicle Administration of Maryland or the state in which the employee is licensed to drive shall not be allowed to operate any motor vehicle on UMB business while such suspension or revocation is in effect. Any employee who operates a UMB-owned or -leased vehicle during a period when said employee fails to secure or maintain a valid driver's license and knows or should have known that their driver's license is invalid, suspended, or revoked may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from University service for willful misconduct.
  • Any authorized driver who has accumulated three (3) or more points for moving violations on their driving record will have the record reviewed by the VARB.
    If the VARB believes that the record reflects any type of violations that make the employee a risk when operating a UMB-owned or -leased vehicle, the VARB may recommend to the employee's supervisor sanctions up to and including suspension of the employee's privilege to operate a UMB-owned or -leased vehicle until the accumulated point total for moving violations is reduced below three (3) points.
  • Any authorized driver who has accumulated five (5) or more points for moving  violations on their driving record will have their privilege to operate a UMB-owned or -leased vehicle suspended automatically until the accumulated point  total is reduced below three (3) points.
    It is recommended that a suspended employee attend an approved defensive driver course at their own expense and time before the privilege to drive a UMB-owned or -leased vehicle is reinstated.
  • Each authorized driver shall have an affirmative duty to report the accumulation of three (3) or more points for moving violations, as well as the suspension or revocation of license, to their department head.
  • An employee found to be ineligible as an authorized driver will be so advised by the chair of the VARB.
    The employee's school/department also will be notified of the VARB's finding.
  • Any employee who cannot perform the essential functions of their UMB job because of suspension or revocation of driving privileges for any reason may be subject to administrative/disciplinary action such as reassignment, suspension without pay, demotion, or termination of employment.
  • University-owned vehicles shall be driven only by University officials and authorized employees.
    University-owned vehicles shall not be used to conduct personal business, to transport members of the family (e.g., transporting children to or from school), or for pleasure. All passengers in University vehicles must be authorized persons on University business.
  • All traffic and parking laws are to be obeyed.
    Posted speed limits are not to be exceeded, nor is the vehicle to be operated above safe driving speeds for road conditions. All violation fines shall be the responsibility of the driver involved.
  • All vehicle accidents are to be reported immediately to the driver’s supervisor and within 24 hours to or interoffice mail, Office of Risk Management, 220 N. Arch Street, 14th Fl., Rm: 03-143, Baltimore, MD 21201. Vehicle accident reports must be filed even if another vehicle is not involved or there are no apparent injuries or damages.
  • A daily travel log shall be maintained in each University-owned vehicle on a monthly basis.
    Logs must indicate all destinations by official and commute mileage even if driven by different individuals. UMB and its departments are required to have these logs available for audit purposes.
  • University-owned vehicles are to be efficiently maintained.
    Vehicles assigned to departments unable to provide scheduled maintenance are to be guided by oil change, lubrication, and maintenance recommendations of the manufacturer. All warranties are to be exercised. Operators of University-owned vehicles are personally responsible for vehicles operated by them and may be charged for damage resulting from misuse, abuse, or willful negligence.
  • The use of state of Maryland or University credit cards is restricted to University-owned vehicles.
    Under no circumstances are cards to be left in the custody of service station attendants.

Willful disregard of these rules will be considered just cause for disciplinary action under applicable personnel rules and state law.

Driver Responsibility When Refueling UMB Vehicles

1. All authorized drivers of state-owned vehicles are issued a pin number they must use at the fueling station when refueling a vehicle. The pin number should not be shared with other drivers. Drivers are responsible for all fuel transaction made with their pin number. This includes transactions flagged as exceptions on the State’s Fuel Exception Report.

2. All UMB/State owned vehicles are assigned Prokees when the vehicle is added to the Carroll Fuel Portal. Each vehicle is assigned a Prokee that can only be used to refuel that specific vehicle. Prokees should not be stored in the vehicle. Prokees should be stored in a secure location when not being used.

3. Drivers will be required to enter the vehicles current mileage and pin number after the Prokee assigned to the vehicle they are refueling is inserted in the fuel pump. Please see the Prokee Pump Instructions for more information.

4. Drivers must immediately report lost or stolen Prokees to the department fleet coordinator and their immediate supervisor.

5. Drivers are personally responsible for the use and care of state-owned fuel management equipment. Any damages to state-owned fuel management equipment that is due to the Driver’s negligence or any type of misuse of this equipment is the responsibility of the driver. Drivers will be required to reimburse the state of Maryland for any damages caused by negligence of misuse of equipment.

Assignment of Vehicles

University vehicles may be assigned to those employees who travel the greatest number of official (non-commute) miles in excess of 10,000 miles per year. In specific cases, the institution head may determine that the use of a vehicle is required for the efficient operation of an institutional program regardless of the number of miles traveled. Assignments may not be made based on the seniority or classification of an individual. Vehicle assignments may be made based only on positions meeting the established criteria.

Vehicles may not be assigned to individuals with driving records that indicate an inability to operate a vehicle in a safe and responsible manner. Assigned vehicles may not transfer with employees who move to another position.

Institutional heads shall continually evaluate the benefit of pooling institution-owned vehicles to increase vehicle utilization and promote flexibility of employee transportation. Assigned vehicles that are not in use must be made available for other employees requiring transportation for official business.

UMB shall monitor vehicle usage to ensure that all vehicles meet the required 10,000-official-mile minimum or other criteria and report the results to the university fleet administrator annually. The 10,000-official-mile minimum applies to vehicles assigned to individuals as well as to pooled sedans that regularly leave the campus. It does not apply to vehicles that are predominately used on campus that are used daily but accumulate minimal annual mileage. Should an improper or inefficient vehicle assignment exist within an institution, the university fleet administrator will notify the institution that the vehicle should be reassigned. If the institution does not resolve the improper or inefficient vehicle assignment after notification, the Fleet Manager will initiate the reassignment or declare the vehicle surplus.