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The Gambia – Strengthening Capacity in Health Research Ethics and Research Methodology

Veronica Njie-Carr, PhD, RN, ACNS-BC, FWACN, Associate Professor, UM School of Nursing, and Henry Silverman, MD, MA, Professor, Director of MICU, UM School of Medicine

Collaborators: Francis Sarr, PhD, MSc, Med, University of The Gambia; Jainaba Sey-Sawo, UTG, Gambia; Thomas Senghore, UTG, Gambia; Phebian Grant-Sagnia, MoH, Gambia; Effua Usuf, MRCG, Gambia

The Gambia is on the cusp of transformational changes in the political landscape with opportunities to strengthen institutions through the implementation of interdisciplinary research studies requiring health professionals and scholars to gain a deeper understanding of research ethics and methodologies. Formal training is unavailable necessitating the education of health professionals and scholars to facilitate their evolving roles as change agents.

We propose a Planning Program focusing on two aims: 1) Train four Gambian scholars in research ethics, research methods, and other essential leadership and pedagogical competences. 2) Provide professional development through mentorship and an exchange visit for sustainability. Program activities will include face-to-face instruction, training workshops, experiential, and online learning experiences. The proposed approach is inherently impactful with the multi-prong and bi-directional collaborative engagement to maximize project sustainability. The Program will develop trainee expertise and leadership capacity leveraging UMB’s ongoing collaborative efforts with Gambia’s education, practice, and research activities.

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