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Rwanda – Strengthening the National Cancer Registry in Rwanda

David Riedel, MD, MPH, Associate Professor, UM School of Medicine and Director of Infectious Disease Fellowship Program (IHV); Clement Adebamowo, ChB, ScD, FWACS, FACS, Professor (IHV)

Collaborators: Sabin Nsanzimana, MD, Director, Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC); Dr. Francois Uwinkindi, Division Manager, Rwanda Biomedical Center, Director (RBC); Dr. Marc Hagenimana, Director, Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC); Dr. Adeola Akintola, Project Coordinator, Nigerian National System of Cancer Registries, Center for Bioethics and Research, Nigeria

Cancer is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. In Rwanda cancer diagnoses and outcomes have been difficult to track. Population-based cancer registries play a critical role to support cancer surveillance system for countries, particularly in resource-limited settings. Rwanda’s first National Cancer Registry was established in 1991, but work was interrupted in 1994 during the Genocide. The Registry was resumed in 2010, but progress has been halting due to limitations in funding.

The objective of this project is to work with the Rwanda Biomedical Center under the Ministry of Health to strengthen and support the Registry to expand data collection activities and integrate the Registry with the various EMRs currently in use in Rwanda. The long-term goal of this work is to establish secure funding support for the Registry and staff through collaborative grants.

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