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Italy – Expanding Long Time International Partnership with University of Camerino

Agnes Ann Feemster, PharmD, BCPS, Assistant Dean, Experiential Learning Program, UMB School of Pharmacy

Carlo Polidori, PhD, Director, School of Specialization in Hospital Pharmacy, University of Camerino

UMB's School of Pharmacy has an existing exchange program with the University of Camerino (UNICAM). As many as six UMB students have traveled to study in Italy annually; however, UMB has hosted only one UNICAM student. The primary limitation for UNICAM students is the funding needed to travel to the U.S. UNICAM supplements the cost of air travel but is unable to assist with a housing stipend. A portion of the proposal’s budget is allocated for on-campus housing to allow a UNICAM student to complete a five-week clinical experience alongside a UMB student with a UMB faculty member practicing at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Additionally, the funding would support attendance at the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) annual meeting in Spring 2023. The EAHP Congress is the largest gathering of hospital pharmacists in Europe, and Dr. Polidori serves in a leadership capacity with the association. Through his connections, UMB aims to expand rotation opportunities in Europe. We also plan to explore the development of the Pharmacy Scholars for Global Engagement Program, a partnership between the EAHP and UMB. Our goal is to formalize an exchange program for European and American students and practitioners. While in Europe, Dr. Feemster will visit the University of Camerino and associated sites to meet the accreditation standard to routinely inspect training sites.

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