Framework of the Global Learning

Globe with valuesHave you thought about looking outside the US borders to find solutions for the health equity challenges in your community?

Created in 2020 with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Global Learning for Health Equity Network (GL4HE) accepted proposals and selected 7 grantees to help community-based organizations and health equity advocates learn about creative approaches, initiatives or policies from countries around the world that can inform their efforts to advance health equity in the U.S.

This project aims to support the grantees at any stage of their global learning journey–whether they have already identified a global idea they would like to learn from or are just curious to explore what solutions exist beyond U.S. borders. This opportunity will provide grantees with mentorship, resources and funding to bring global inspiration to their communities.

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About the framework

The Framework was created in 2022 by the GL4HE.

The center of the model reflects the core values of global learning for health equity: trust, humility, respect and reciprocity. If these values are not embedded into global learning initiatives, the initiative may be extractive or appropriative, thereby reproducing historic inequities in the diffusion of knowledge.

The elements around the edge of the model represents the different dimensions of global learning from IMPACT to SHARE.

Communities, health equity promoters and researchers can enter global learning at various stages and proceed through the stages in divers ways and in different orders.