UMB Catalyst for Excellence Award Winners

The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) Catalyst for Excellence honorees exemplify powerful advocacy for success, achievement, and philanthropy for their respective schools while serving as visionaries for future progress.

Exemplars of excellence and inspiration, they have accomplished meaningful progress in their lives and careers, in addition to devoting meaningful time, talent, and resources to numerous worthy causes. UMB, the city of Baltimore, and the state of Maryland are made much better through the impactful efforts of these extraordinary individuals.

School of Dentistry | Francis King Carey School of LawSchool of MedicineSchool of NursingSchool of Social WorkSchool of Pharmacy

SOD- Melvin Kushner 250x250

School of Dentistry

Melvin F. Kushner. DDS '66, has worked for more than five decades building engagement and support for the University of Maryland School of Dentistry (UMSOD) and UMB. As chair of UMSOD’s Board of Visitors, member of the Dean’s Faculty in the Department of Dental Public Health, and past president of UMSOD’s Alumni Association Board of Directors, he has championed the collaborations that are critical to the advancement of oral health care. Kushner’s steadfast and generous philanthropic and personal support has been a positive and profound influence for good for students, faculty, and community members.

SOL- The Salsbury Family 250x250

Francis King Carey School of Law

The Salsbury family — Stuart M. Salsbury, JD ’71; Suzanne B. Salsbury, JD ’73; Benjamin S. Salsbury, JD ’07; and Rebecca C. Salsbury, JD ’08 — is creating a lasting legacy at the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law and in the legal profession. Stuart and Suzanne met at the law school in the early 1970s, and their son, Ben, met his future wife, Becca, 35 years later while participating on the law school’s highly regarded National Trial Team. For decades they’ve been dedicated philanthropists to the School of Law, generous supporters of students and alumni, and proud community advocates in the legal profession.

SOM- Richard Taylor 250x250

School of Medicine

Richard L. Taylor, MD '75, has been a generous supporter of the University of Maryland School of Medicine and UMB for over 30 years. He and his wife, Kathryn, have established the Dr. Richard and Kathryn Taylor Professorship in Neurology. Taylor is a member of the UMSOM Board of Visitors and the UMB Foundation Board of Trustees and is a former president of the Medical Alumni Association. Taylor volunteers as a clinical professor and gives monthly lectures to students and trainees in the Department of Neurology. 

SON- John Bing 250x250

School of Nursing

John Bing, CRNA, has been a steadfast advocate for the University of Maryland School of Nursing for nearly two decades. Before his five-year tenure as chairman of the school’s Board of Visitors, Bing had already begun his tireless efforts to promote diversity in the Nurse Anesthesia Program. An avid philanthropist, he is responsible for the creation of two endowed scholarships and the success of several other critical funding initiatives. Bing is an inspirational and impactful leader who is passionate about mentorship of the next generation of underrepresented nurse anesthetists.


SOP- Victoria Hale 250x250School of Pharmacy

Victoria Hale, BSP ’83, PhD, is a powerful advocate for the success and future progress of the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy (UMSOP) through her support of its exclusive Pharmapreneurism initiative and participation in the school’s Center for Women in Pharmapreneurism and Board of Visitors. Hale’s passion is the development of important new medicines for all, with the specific goal of reducing health inequities. She is the founder of Medicines360 and the founder and chair emeritus of OneWorld Health. Her generosity, time, knowledge, advocacy, and networking have been transformative for UMSOP.

SSW-Alumni Association Board of Directors 250x250

School of Social Work

The Alumni Association Board of Directors is a dedicated group of 16 members who reflect the University of Maryland School of Social Work’s commitment to innovation, education, advocacy, and philanthropy. While welcoming Dean Judy Postmus, PhD, ACSW, the board led the school’s 60th anniversary alumni oral history initiative under the theme “Facing our Past, Transforming our Future.” During the 2021-22 academic year, the board has awarded and funded four student scholarships, and three members created new scholarships for the future. The board president, Lori James-Townes, MSW ’91, delivered the school’s 2021 Convocation address.

In photo, left to right: Top row: Amy Greensfelder, Helen Murray-Miller, Lauren Capel, Regina Salliey Cooper. Second row: Barbara Pulgar, Judith Schagrin, Lori James-Townes, Stephanie Pettaway. Third row: Christine Koch, Karen Powell, Miesha Rice, Kathryn Zimmerman. Fourth row: Gabby Knighton, Khristine Heflin, Michael Allen, Miriam Doyle.