Online Teaching Community

A virtual faculty professional learning community.


The purpose of the Online Teaching Community is to share creative teaching ideas, best practices and policies, and ideas for research in online teaching. The group is interaction-based and the content we discuss is up to its members—so bring your questions and issues and the tips and tricks you’ve learned along the way.

How We Meet

To honor the fact that this is about “online” teaching and to make this accessible to faculty who are out of state, we offer the meeting online. We use WebEx conferencing and members join by video or audio from wherever they canIt is informal, so eating lunch is encouraged! 

Why We Meet

In each meeting, the aim is to discuss any questions and issues group members bring to the table that week (~75% of the time), as well as to provide some information on specific topics of interest to group members raised in prior meetings (~25% of the meeting). We share resources and have a listserv for accessing shared documents.   


Friday, February 7, 12pm -1pm Giving Effective Feedback to Students Dr. Shani Fleming
Friday, March 6, 12pm -1pm Creating Engaging Videos Dr. Isabell May
Friday, March 20, 12pm - 1pm Transitioning to Online Teaching Dr. Pearce
Friday, April 3, 12pm -1pm Using VoiceThread in the Online Classroom Dr. Ashlie Kauffman
Friday, May 1, 12pm -1pm Addressing Plagiarism and Academic Integrity Dr. Lynn McPherson, Dr. Isabell May, Dr. Ashley Kauffman


Please contact Dr. Michelle Pearce at if you are interested in joining the Online Teaching Community.   

Session Recordings