Luana Colloca, MD, PhD, MS



MPower Professor

School Affiliation

School of Nursing


  • Pain Research
  • Pain Modulation


Dr. Colloca has conducted groundbreaking studies that have advanced scientific knowledge of the psychoneurobiological bases of endogenous pain modulation systems, including the discovery that the vasopressin system is involved in the enhancement of placebo (and nocebo) effects with a dimorphic effect. Her current line of research focuses on basic and translational aspects of orofacial chronic pain, translational mechanisms of expectancy, observationally induced hypoalgesia, genomics, brain mapping, and immersive virtual reality. As a result, Dr. Colloca has developed an international reputation as a leading scientist in advancing knowledge of the neurobiological mechanisms of descending pain modulation and placebo and nocebo effects with an integrative approach that includes psychopharmacological, neurobiological, and behavioral approaches.

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This information was last updated January 6, 2023.