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The Future of Health Care

Our experts are working to change the future of health care, addressing critical issues such as cardiovascular health, pain and neuroscience, HIV/AIDS research and other infectious and emerging diseases, genomics, and telemedicine.

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Global Health

Our global health experts are leaders in researching and addressing diseases and conditions impacting the world’s most vulnerable populations in more than 36 countries. Our experts have advanced HIV/AIDs research and treatments as well as vaccine development and administration to address leading risks such as malaria, COVID-19, and typhoid. Our emergency medicine experts have helped to set the standard globally, and all of our experts spanning the globe have worked to foster standards and policy in global health.

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Ensuring Access and Equity in Health Care

Access to health care, particularly among those in underserved communities, is a key focus of UMB’s experts. Our research, treatments, and expertise focus on a wide range of areas including elder care, health equity, drug policy, behavioral health, and pediatrics.

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Caring for the Human Condition

Central to UMB’s mission is addressing important diseases and conditions impacting the most vulnerable communities. Our research and expertise focus on a broad range of areas including addiction disorder, behavioral health, women’s health, poison control, workplace wellness and health, and palliative care.

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Community Engagement

As an anchor institution in West Baltimore, UMB is committed to serving the community. Our experts in this area provide services and research and help develop important policies related to community and public health, pediatric health and development, patient-centered research, and a broad range of community-based social work outreach.

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Legal Theory and Practice

As a leading bioscience university, our experts have conducted extensive work on health equity, child welfare, domestic violence, privacy, and health law and policy. In addition, our experts are committed to improving the criminal justice system, advancing policies in employment law, intellectual property, and immigration law.

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Research and Innovation

Spanning across all of our schools, our experts have worked to bring an end to conditions impacting the most vulnerable communities in Maryland and beyond. This includes expertise in a wide range of research such as genomics, transplantation, diabetes and obesity, cardiovascular health, opioid disorders, brain injury, obstetrics, oral health technologies, sports medicine, and trauma surgery.

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Safety, Security, and Privacy

Our experts have worked to advance counterterrorism treatments in radiation oncology. Our legal expertise spans across emergency preparedness and cybersecurity.

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Economic Development

UMB’s expertise in community development, bioscience research, and social work has also worked to improve Baltimore’s well-being. These efforts have expanded across Maryland, helping to empower our communities and build a stronger state and beyond.

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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

At UMB, our experts are committed to creating, developing, and setting policy in health care, research, law, and our community to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion.

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