EHS Training is moving to SciShield!

EHS offers in-person lab safety training for new hires for bloodborne pathogens, lab chemical safety, hazardous waste, and initial radiation safety training. Refresher training for these modules, as well as some optional and job-specific courses, are subsequently offered online. EHS has worked closely over the years with the UMB Learning Hub through Human Resource Services to offer these modules to employees online (through SumTotal, then Percipio), but will now be moving to a platform that more closely follows the organizational reporting structure of our research labs.

See What Training is Required for descriptions of EHS compliance courses.

We appreciate your patience, as with any transition of systems. Any questions or concerns can be directed to

How is this happening?

This will be a 2-phased launch:

Phase 1 will enable the training course directory to appear in your lab profile, as well as add training compliance summaries and links to your lab and personal profiles. You can see the courses and take them, but they are not linked to what you have already completed in the past. No automated emails will be generated as reminders.

Phase 2 will populate training history, linking training requirements to the hazards you work with, as identified by your principal investigator, supervisor, or lab managers. At this point, individuals who are out of compliance on training modules will receive automated messages.

What impact will this have on you?

Phase 1 should have no impact on you, but you may notice new Training tabs in SciShield. You may also notice a line for Training under your lab’s Compliance Summary. The information displayed in any of these training areas with regard to completion is not accurate, as training history has not yet been added.

Phase 2 will add in your training history from having attended EHS in-person training, and online training through SumTotal or Percipio, within the last couple of years. It will also link the hazards identified in your lab to your training requirements, so if you are identified as working in a lab, you will be required to complete the lab safety modules. If you are not up to date on these modules, you will receive reminders emails.

Which courses are impacted?

The following courses are available on SciShield now:

  • Dual Use Research of Concern (DURC)
  • UMB Bloodborne Pathogens
  • UMB EHS Formaldehyde
  • UMB EHS Radiation Safety Annual Refresher Training
  • UMB Hazardous Waste
  • UMB Laboratory Chemical Safety
  • UMB Macaques and Herpes B
  • UMB Working with Lentiviruses

The remaining courses are scheduled to be available in SciShield in 2024:

  • IATA and DOT Shipping Training
  • UMB Controlled Substances Training
  • UMB Reactive Chemicals in the Laboratory

How will SciShield Training work with Percipio LMS?

EHS is still working closely with our HRS partners, who have supported us through delivery, maintenance, and troubleshooting of online training for many years. Percipio LMS eLearning will continue to be managed by UMB’s Office of Organization and Employee Development, giving you access to thousands of content courses, skill-based learning paths, the ability to set learning goals, earn digital badges, and track your career development.  Any questions about Percipio should be directed to

Notably, Percipio LMS eLearning is open to UMB paid employees. SciShield Training will be available to any personnel working in a lab, whether you are an employee, affiliate, student, or other category.

During Phase 1, EHS courses will remain on both sites.

After Phase 2,  EHS courses will be locked in Percipio LMS and primarily accessible only on SciShield.