AED Coordinator Program


AED Coordinators are volunteers who attend an on-campus CPR/AED training class and then perform weekly inspections on AEDs in their work area.

After successful completion of the training class, individuals will receive official CPR certification from the National Safety Council that is valid for two years.

The weekly inspections performed by AED Coordinators can be completed in just a few seconds. Either a single person or a group of people can be coordinators for an AED. Backup coordinators are encouraged for all AEDs. The weekly inspection consists of verifying the following and then initialing the inspection tag:

  • The AED is present and unobstructed.
  • The status indicator text shows “OK” or that the AED is in working condition.
  • Cabinet security seal is intact.
  • AED inspection tag is present.

UMB relies entirely on volunteer AED Coordinators to ensure our AEDs are present and in working condition by performing these weekly inspections. If you are interested in becoming an AED Coordinator, please sign up to attend a future training class here: CPR/AED Training Schedule.

The AED Coordinator Program is overseen by Willard Moore. If you are interested in learning more about the AED Coordinator Program or if you notice any issues while performing an AED inspection, please contact Willard at 410-706-7055 or