Request for Alternate-Format Textbooks

Students requesting texts in an alternative format through Educational Support and Disability Services (ESDS) must be registered with Educational Support and Disability Services AND be approved for this accommodation on their accommodation letter.

Students must be enrolled in the course for which the text(s) have been requested. 

  1. Complete the online form here: ESDS Student Accommodations Portal 
  2. Please include the following details: Complete name of textbook, Edition, ISBN #, Author, and Publisher.
  3. Attach a receipt of purchase of the printed textbooks.

Timeline of Alternative Textbooks: 

Please allow 10 business days to receive the alternative format textbook. ESDS will make every effort to provide an alternative textbook format in a timely manner. Please note during peak times requests may take additional time. ESDS cannot guarantee delivery of an alternative textbook without a receipt.

Alternative Textbook Location:

Health and Human Services Library

Students maybe able to find an alternative textbook format such as an e-book or journal at the HSHSL. HSHSL Library

Questions about searching for e-books? Students can view the tutorial provided by the HSHSL Library. Searching for Textbooks