Direct Retro Forms

FY13 and forward direct retro form

FY12 and prior direct retro form

Updated Procedure for Submitting Direct Retros to Cost Analysis

Effective Oct. 1, 2012, Cost Analysis is accepting scanned Direct Retro forms.

The email address for Direct Retro submission is:


  • All Direct Retros are to be submitted to the email address above
  • Only Direct Retros are to be submitted to the email address above
  • Direct Retros submitted to other email addresses will not be processed
  • Continue to use Effort Help ( for questions

Successful Direct Retro submission emails contain the following attachments:

  • Scanned, signed, DR form
  • PCD (run within a week of the DR submission date)

The email subject line nomenclature to use when submitting Direct Retros includes the following information indicating the employee whose wages are being affected, and is illustrated below:

6 digit EMPL ID ^ Employee last name ^ Credit Project ID

To submit a DR for Jon Doe, whose EmplID is 123456, on which you are crediting project ID 10001234, the subject line of the email you send to DRetros@umaryland.eduwould look like this:


The ^ symbol is above the number 6 on your keyboard. Pressing Shift+6 will produce the carrot top symbol.

Submit only 1 employee's DRs per email.

Submit only 1 credit HRMS code per email.

You CAN submit multiple DRs for one employee in one email as long as the Credit HRMS code is the same on all direct retro forms in that email.

For questions regarding this new procedure, please contact Effort Help (6-2987 or