Direct Retro Forms

New Online Submission

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Effective 10/07/2019, Costing and Compliance will only be accepting Direct Retro forms for periods FY16 and forward. 

A cost transfer is the movement of costs from one account combo to another to correct an error or to align payroll distribution with after-the-fact effort certifications. They must be processed as soon as a department is aware that an employee’s activities changed or as soon as the error is recognized. A budget retro or a direct retro can be used to move payroll expenses.

Budget Retro (BR): Automated process in eUMB HRMS to redistribute payroll expenses triggered by the entry of an Employee Funding Profile (EFP) with an effective date prior to the current payroll period by the department that owns the employee. These are performed within 90days of the original transaction.

Direct Retro (DR): This is the process used to redistribute payroll expenses in situations when the Budget Retro process is unable to be used. Payroll cost transfers performed after 90 days of the original transaction must be performed using a DR.

  • Direct Retros (DR) serve as auditable documentation
    1. They must include a reasonable and valid justification consistent with sponsor guidelines.
    2. All cost transfers affecting sponsored chart strings performed after 90 days from the date of the original transaction must contain an explanation as to the delay in performing the cost transfer.
    3. Payroll cost transfers performed after the certification of effort that cause the payroll distribution to not align with the certified effort distribution are highly discouraged and require significant documentation, approval, and recertification of effort.
    4. Cost transfers charging sponsored account combos will not be processed after one year from the date of the original transaction.
  • You can request a Direct Retro using this form.
  • The request will be work- flowed to your Account Combo Owner and/or Principal Investigator for approval.
  • Then routed to Costing and Compliance for review, approval or denial, and then entered into the HRMS system for processing.
  • The results of the redistribution can be viewed through UMB Payroll Charges Detail Report (PCD) the next business day after the process is entered into eUMB HRMS by the Costing and Compliance Team.
  • The transfer to Quantum Analytics occurs every 2 weeks (the weekend following each pay date). Therefore, Quantum Analytics will not be in sync with Quantum Financials if a Direct Retro (DR) has been entered during the two week period. 

NOTE: After a Direct Retro (DR) is processed, a Budget Retro (BR) cannot be performed for the same employee for the same pay period(s) or earlier.


  1. Review your payroll expense distributions within HRMS by running the UMB Payroll Charges Detail Report (PCD). If you wish to redistribute payroll expenses and cannot use a Budget retro submit a Direct Retro request with the following attachments:
    1. A copy of the HRMS Payroll Charges Detail Report (PCD) by Accounting Period. The report should be run from the accounting period of the “From Pay period” through current accounting period, by employee and sorted by Project ID/Acct CD/Acct/Pay Period.
    2. If cost transfer request affects Effort forms that have already been certified and are closed/archived, attach a request to have the Effort form un-archived (re-opened for recertification). The request should detail the error in the original certification and be signed by the person who certified the original Effort form.
    3. Any other supporting documents.
  2. Follow instructions on request pages noting employee ID, fiscal year, pay- periods (From and To), the SPON or NONSPON combo codes, the object codes, and provide valid explanations for the request.
  3. Route to your Account Combo Owner for approval, and if necessary to your Principal Investigator if your request is over 90 days from the period requesting adjustment.
  4. Costing and Compliance will review your request and then enter into the HRMS system. When completed you will get a notice. If rejected you will be provided an explanation and will have to submit a new request if necessary. 

For additional guidance, please contact Effort Help (6 -2987) or