September 8, 2014:

 DRs for the fiscal year-end crossover (09/08/14)

Please see the important announcement on the portal, also linked above, regarding Direct Retros affecting the pay period that crosses the fiscal year (most recently, PP15-01 - which includes PP14-27).

July 1, 2014:

FY15 Fringe Rate Letter, signed 6/27/14

Our FY15 Fringe Benefit Rate Letter has been signed and is in effect beginning with PP15-01. The letter is available on Cost's website,

Please contact Linda Ward, Manager Costing & Compliance, with any questions.

July 1, 2014:

Updated Direct Retro Form

The Direct Retro form has been adjusted to include the FY15 fringe rates. The form will continue to automatically calculate fringes using the appropriate rate based on the data you enter for the pay periods and wage accounts to be affected.

Direct retro forms are available on Cost's website,

Please contact Effort Help ( or 6.2987) with any questions regarding the direct retro form.