Accounts Payable Procedures

Wire Transfers

All wire transfer’s must be submitted with the following details below before submitting to 220 Arch Street, The Saratoga Bldg. room 02-121, Attn: Accounts Payable or (subject: wire transfer)

Invoice/Travel expense information must match the X-9 wire transfer form.

Details needed for a foreign wire transfer

An invoice must have:

University of Maryland, Baltimore name and address
Payee and address
Invoice number and date
Amount due
A valid purchase order and a receipt entered in the eUMB system for that wire
Account number and account code to be charged
Banking details (bank name, address, swift code, IBAN if needed)
Verbal confirmation letter (For NEW vendors or if banking details have changed)*
***Travel expenses or Refund forms must have a letter with vendors banking details (listed below)


An X-9 wire transfer form must have: (Wire Transfer Form)

Vendor name, address and signed by the vendor
Bank name and address
Swift Code and bank account number
IBAN number for some counties (see IBAN List)
Bank account name
Correspondent bank information is needed occasionally, this a different bank from the main bank & must be on the invoice. 

If the invoice is in a foreign currency amount, a currency conversion sheet must be attached with the invoice and X-9 wire transfer form. (Wire Transfer Form

*Law enforcement agencies continue to report an increase in wire transfer fraud against U.S. businesses. As a result Banking Services (Maryland State Treasury Office) is requesting that all agencies confirm the banking details on the X-9 form with a vendor by phone before submitting the invoice for processing. (This includes new or first-time vendors as well). This verbal confirmation letter should have the following information:

  • Department employee name
  • Date of contact with vendor
  • Vendor contact’s name

Going forward, Banking Services will compare the previous invoice/X-9 form wire instructions to current wire instructions for that vendor. If the banking details have changed and there is no indication on the documentation that the changes have been verified by the department, Financial Services will contact your department by email and the department will have to confirm via email that the new wire instructions were confirmed verbally with the vendor. 

*An X-9 must be submitted with every invoice.


Payment of Expenditure: To request payment of an expenditure on a grant, the principal investigator should send to the Accounts Payable Office: (1) the original invoice stapled to a purchase order (if available), and (2) a copy of the invoice. At minimum, the subcontract must include the following:          
  • Scope of work.          
  • Identification of the proposed subcontractor, contact person, address, and phone number.          
  • The proposed subcontract price.          
  • The methodology proposed by the principal investigator (PI) to monitor execution of the subcontract.          
  • Clause for changes that require written approval.          
  • Clause identifying payment method to subcontractor.          
  • The assigned purchase order number.          
  • Authorized start and end dates.          
  • Termination clause.          
  • Liability clause.          
  • Clause stating the prime award terms and conditions that apply to the subcontract.          
  • Subrecipient audit clause.          
  • Other information as required by the contract officer and University reviewers.
Memo of Agreement between UMB and Honoraria
The Honorarium Recipient Form is acceptable supporting documentation for the NONPO check request.  Completed forms should be attached to all Honoraria payment requests.       


Moving and Relocation Expenses

 Read the Policy and the Procedure for full details and requirements.