Custom Application Development

The Center for Information Technology Services (CITS) provides custom web application development services.

Are you interested in developing a customized application to meet your needs? Let’s discuss your current business processes. By using the latest application development technologies, we can improve and automate functionality and save you time and money.

Custom Application Features


Our custom applications can include features such as credit card processing, calendars, custom forms, and automated processes.  

  • Custom forms: Gather and store information in a back-end database and provide instant email confirmations, if needed.
  • Calendars: Display information such as events, training, room availability, schedules, and/or request appointments.
  • Reports: Sort and organize information that has been collected from forms and group them together by date, topic, and/or custom requirements.
  • Credit card processing: Provide secure online credit card processing in order to pay for events, registration, training, or purchases, etc.
  • Document/information sharing: Information, documents, training videos, tutorials, and any other information you need to share, by using documents and/or back-end database.
  • Search data/information: Provide ability to search for products, services, people, and any other information you need to share.
  • Process information: Automatically perform tasks previously completed by numerous individuals (i.e., process referrals, process orders, calculate who needs to be notified and/or what needs to be completed, send daily updates/notifications, etc.)
  • Improve communication: Use online forms to streamline communication, eliminate paper documents, complete tasks in less time, reduce use of postage.
  • Administrative functionality: Develop a user-side and admin-side portion to most of our applications, so that admin users can review tasks or information entered by users; run reports; respond to requests; review feedback/information; print custom certificates; perform calculations, and send email confirmations/responses to users.
  • Security and redundancy: Use current campus security standards, customize functionality to individuals based on needs, make application functionality and/or information only available to select individuals; store information in a secure back-end database that’s backed up regularly to ensure the information is safe and available when needed.

Are you interested in discussing your current business procedures? Do you need a custom online application developed? Please contact the CITS Web Development group using the support form. We are happy to meet with you to discuss your needs and determine how to develop an online solution. In addition, by using our services, you will be able to take advantage of our technical expertise, latest tools and technologies, and benefit from our ongoing services and support.