Custom Coldfusion Applications

In addition to supporting SharePoint Online and Teams, the CITS Web Development staff developed and supports the following applications and systems:

Academic Affairs – Course Scheduler
Academic Affairs - FCOI Training
Accessibility Exception requests
Asset Management (HITECH) app
Campus Building Access management system
Campus Center Room scheduler
Campus Directory and Lookup via Telephone System
Campus Life weekly news submission form and upload app
CCT Survey
CITS Forms (eUMB Financials, Quantum, Networking, Communications, etc)
CITS Software Licensing & Sales
CITS Training
COEUS Clinical Trials Search
Community Outreach Programs
Community System & CS Lite
Counseling Center Management app
Course Planning
COOP system
Credit Card Processing forms
Custom CMS modules
Departmental Software Licensing app
Digital Display Request app
Disability Services system
Event Services Room Reservation
Faculty Senate Online Election Nomination/Ballot
Faculty Senate Shared Governance Survey
Founders Week Events Registration
Freezer (Bioresco) Program & BioPark Program
Geri-Ed Delirium Modules
HARBOR research registration system
HIPAA Surveys
Housing Ads
HR Onboarding
HR Online Course Registration
HR Job Description
Human Research Protections Office (HRPO) Document Library
Human Resources Tuition Remission
Institute for Innovation and Implementation Systems
  • Child Welfare Academy conference form
  • The National Training and Technical Assistance Center for Child, Youth and Family Mental Health
  • Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation OMS
  • Early Identification of Risk Data Collection Tool
  • Family Engagement Website
  • Judy Centers OMS
  • Parent, Infant, and Early Childhood Web Portal (formerly Child Health & Prevention)
  • Resource Mentoring Project Technical Assistance Provider Network
  • Social Emotional Foundations for Early Learning OMS
  • Social Emotional Foundations for Early Learning website
  • The Technical Assistance Reporting System
IT Help desk ticket submission
IT Help desk contact application & Knowledge base apps
Legislative Form Response System
OEA Community Programs
Office of Accountability & Compliance (OAC) - Compliance Tracking App
Office of Community Engagement Local food app.
OneCard Affiliates Program
Poison Center Online Store
School of Dentistry Applications:
  • Academic Affairs - Post Graduate Evaluation Request
  • Directory Search and Bios (Limited to Dental School faculty/staff and department only)
  • DDS Online Admissions forms & reports
  • DDS Advanced Application
  • Externship Registration
  • Institutional Evaluation Request form
  • Student Composite and Bio application
  • Online Professional Practice Listings
  • Online Professional Opportunity Listings
School of Social Work Applications:
  • Academic Affairs - Course Scheduler
  • Course Selector
  • Faculty Workload & Salary Planning form
  • Family Connections App
  • Field Placement & Referral system
  • Job Listing
  • Online Registration
  • Promise Heights
  • Social Work Conference
  • Student Programs
  • Social Work Community Outreach Service (SWCOS)
  • Training app for Child Welfare Academy & Adult Services
  • Weekly Utilization Reports (MCAII)
Staff Senate Elections
STARS (Registrar office forms)
UMB Directory Services OneCard System
  • Barcode Lookup used by HSHSL
  • Card Reissue
  • New Employee Issue
Title IX Training
URecFit Certification Tracking System
URecFit CPR Regisration
Web Accessibility Exemption management tool
WebAdmin - Custom Security App.
WebEx Licensing Tool
WebFTP Utility