Air Travel Coverage

All University employees are automatically covered for injuries received while traveling on the business of the State and further such injuries are received while the employee is: riding in, getting on, getting off, or is struck by an aircraft.


The phrase "traveling on the business of the State" means any trip made by an employee on assignment by or with the authorization of the State for the purpose of furthering the business of the State.


This Air Travel Insurance does not cover injuries incurred when they result from:

  1. The Employee functioning as a pilot member of the crew, or if the employee has any duties pertaining to the operation of the aircraft
  2. Injuries sustained while traveling between the employee's residence and regular place of employment, while on vacation, or while on authorized leave of absence
  3. Injuries caused by suicide or attempted suicide, sane or insane
  4. Injuries caused by the act of declared or undeclared war


It is not necessary to fill out a beneficiary designation form every time the employee has occasion to fly on business if the employee is a member of one of the several retirement systems in the State of Maryland. The indemnity for loss of life of an employee shall be payable:

  1. To the beneficiary or beneficiaries designated by the employee under the State's retirement system
  2. To the beneficiary or beneficiaries designated, in writing, by the employee on the State of Maryland Air Travel Accident Insurance Beneficiary Designation Form
  3. In the absences of A or B, to the estate of the employee; all other indemnities payable shall be paid to the employee

Maximum Coverage: $ 300,000 per person, $1,500,000 per accident, no deductible

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